Jul 11, 2006

Pictures soon I promise!

So, I've decided this week that I am going to finally give up the soaps I was watching. I'm willing to admit that I was an avid abc daytime watcher since I stopped working for maternity leave/raising Gracie, and lately I've decided that I'm tired of retarded storylines and bad writing, so no more soaps for me!

My new hope is that I will now do a better job of blogging since I *should* have more uninterupted time - we'll see how well that works out. I am also going to try to turn off the TV during that time since I'm beginning to realize I watch way to much television.

On to knitting news, I joined the Mystery Stole Along 2 - the first clue was released last Friday and membership will be closed as of this Friday, so join now or miss out on the fun! I have really enjoyed the pattern so far and am really into this lace project - like I said, pics soon, I promise!
I kinda went easy on myself during the swatch phase (I really did swatch, I swear, but I should have tried the next size up just to see and I didnt) and after I had finished 1/2 of the 1st clue (one whole chart repeat - 50 rows) I decided my fabric was too dense and have bravely started over with the next size up and am liking the results much better.

Previously I was working on JenLa's Fiber Crack baby blanket pattern, which has been the most enjoyable baby blanket I've worked on, and will get back to it as soon as I finish this week's clue for the Mystery Stole.

Now that we are nearing Mid-July, I'm beginning to think along the lines of who's getting what knit for them for Christmas, but I'm not ready to pick up wool yet...so I guess I'll just stick to the planning stage for now - I just have to remember to write my ideas down this year ;)

well, happy knitting! I'll be back soon with pics!