Jun 30, 2005

I'll be 26 tomorrow!

How did that happen? I'm already on the "short side" to 30....all I can say is - you are only as old as you choose to be/feel - and boy does that become more and more evident the older you get. Some days I feel like I should still be in high school or at least college, and other days I just feel ancient and beat up. I do have a fair share of feeling how I 'should' and I'm trying to do a better job of enjoying the present, since I'm realizing how quickly your future starts to sneak up on you ;) ~especially once you have a child

I would love to show you my knitting progress, but the project I'm concentrating on right now is under cover (I'll let you see it when it's done and in the possession of the owner).
I was focused on the Mystery Stole, and totally addicted to lace knitting. Unfortunately knitting lace requires much more attention than I am able to provide right now [with the move and settling in], and I tried to push it this evening and now the project is frogged back to the lifeline and may be going back to scratch after a little more of a "time-out". I am also considering looking into getting some better needles for it, but that may be me just not wanting to take responsibility for messing it up tonight when the needles were working just fine before I gave in and tried to work on it again before I was "ready". ~bad knitter, bad, bad knitter, you know better!

DH didnt make it back from his trip tonight, hopefully he will get in tomorrow morning - he said he should at least make it in by dinner time, so we shall see. We may go check out Ribfest this weekend, it's a huge bbq picnic gathering with some nationally know bands performing and what-not. We are still debating whether we are ready to attempt staying out for fireworks on the 4th; I'm just not sure yet how open to the whole thing Miss Gracie will be so I guess we will play it by ear. She is currently scared to death of the vaccum and now a bicycle pump has been added (I'm not sure how that freaked her out), and I'm not sure how she will do with the loud bangs not to mention being out past 10pm (fireworks start at 9:30ish)

No exciting plans yet for the birthday...if DH gets home early enough, we'll all go out to dinner. If he hasnt gotten me anything yet, I may talk him into going by a bookstore to get A Gathering of Lace, or maybe I'll just wait til Saturday and get some yarn...I guess I'll have to wait to see what he has up his sleeve ;)

Well, I'm off to enjoy [sleep] the last 30 min of being 25. Good Night!

Jun 29, 2005

The yucky "bug"

I went online to see if I could discover the identity of the multi-legged creature that tried to get me last night. And of course, my mom was right, it was a centipede, rather a House Centipede.
[if you want to see one, click here]

If you would like to read up on House Centipedes you can do so courtesy of the University of Arkansas ARTHROPOD MUSEUM NOTES . They were the first one I clicked on when I googled "centipede". The other sources say about the same thing, that this is a scary looking creature, but harmless to humans and beneficial in that they eat spiders and small insects. I'm still not thrilled about seeing it, but hopefully it will hide better from now on - or better yet, move out ;)

Well, TTFN, just figured I'd update on my creepy crawly find :)

Want to take part in science?

I came across this [below] on Snooze's blog

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

This little boredom diversion device at least serves a purpose for education...so if you have some time, check it out...its not too painful I promise [you are on your personal keyboard, so they cant shock you with electrodes or anything - unless you put them there ;)]

Have fun, and until next time, knit something!

Jun 28, 2005

My Thumb Hurts

So here's the latest and greatest, I was at JoAnn's looking for yarn for yet another project and I discovered that TLC's Cara Mia was on sale/clearance for $5/skein (it was normally $7.99). I have been eyeing/petting this yarn for many potential projects, but it was always just out of my budget - sad but true. Needless to say, at this price, my search was over, the "perfect" color was even available and so I scooped up what I needed, made my purchase and found that the one of the few good things about it being so terribly hot/humid outside is that Grace went right down for a nap when we got home.

Now here is where you get to know a few random facts about me:

~ I am very sensitive/allergic to latex, in H.S. during my senior year, my hands would be beet red for nearly an hour after my science labs (yes plural, I took Genetics and Chemistry as electives). I have to go to Wal-mart to find Nyplex gloves to wash dishes/for housework.

~ I get "itchy" and sneeze if angora fibers touch my body - which is really too bad because angora is soo soft and yummy.

These 2 items are of interest to this post because I also picked up some of those highly acclaimed tiny elastic pony tail holders to use as stitch markers [my husband will go crazy if I take up making my own stitch markers right now]. And it wasnt until I was home and really read the yarn label that I find that there is a wee Angora content (13%) in this long coveted yarn. I am unsure if it was one or both combined but now my right thumb is red and burns and I havent touched the elastic bands since 10 am or the blasted yarn since 11:30am when I gave up and took the yarn back because my thumb and fingers were really burning.

So, until my thumb recovers and/or I get brave again, I will not go near the ponytail holders (unless someone can confirm that elastic isnt necessarily latex based - these ones are clear and I am hoping nylon based), and I managed to research that Microspun is the perfect gauge and Michaels had the color I wanted (and it cost less - yeah for saving money). So, I get to start from scratch but that is better than having my thumb leave me from abuse.

Oh, and I made my 1st trek into Hobby Lobby today (I'm originally from the West Coast), and boy if I had money I could do some real damage there! I didnt buy anything this trip, but I know where I'm going if I have some home decor money burning a hole in my pocket.

Well, I'm off to knit some, you do the same! [by the way, I'm posting this from Bloglines for the first time so wish me luck]
Update:So apparently I have a bloglines blog as well as this one...I was trying to figure out why the post never made it here and then I actually read the details on the Bloglines page and discovered that I created a bloglines post not a remote post, the things you learn...good night! I hope I can sleep, one of the wierd "really long skinny bugs with many legs" just nearly crawled over my foot[I am now typing leaning over from my bed with no extemity touching the ground], I had never seen this bug where I came from, and dont know what it is - hopefully it will not figure out how to crawl up my bed frame, and it hid too quickly for me to get rid of it.

Jun 24, 2005

Chipmunks and Fireflies

We are finally moved in and we are back on-line. I am very excited to have access to all of you again...I was just beginning to go through "withdrawls". I say 'just beginning' because I have honestly been busy enough to not really be sure that it is already Friday! The good news is that I've got this place nearly completely operational and it is almost in better shape now than I ever had the old place.
I really like this place, the floor plan is very open and flows very nicely - and I'm also glad to have everything on one level (no more lugging the baby and whatever I forgot up and down stairs anymore). We have a lovely pond/fountain to gaze upon out our slider and the pool is no more than 50 paces away - well, I guess I havent counted yet, but it's real close. This place will definately "do" until we can afford to buy a house.

I finished my 1st charity baby blanket today, and am just about to cast-on for the next one. This has been my distraction from the Mystery Stole Along that I have been too busy/tired to work on ~ which has been killing me, but I dont want to mess it up and get too frustrated since I'm already worn out.

Our little girl is simply amazingly cute! This morning she woke up and had a long conversation will all of her stuffed animals in her bed...I look forward to the day I can understand what she is saying - earlier this week she told me a joke (I'm guessing here, since only she understood what she said) she was soo silly, she was walking around in circles supported by her IncrediBlock, talking with animated inflection and then she laughed and waited expectantly for me to laugh with her...that's my Amazing Grace!

Oh yeah, I taunted you with a title that I havent fulfilled yet didnt I? The first night as I came in with the "last load" some chipmunks scampered by as I walked up to the door and then I noticed some fireflies off to the side. For those of you who see this all the time, this is a huge dream come true for me...it was in all the books I read growing up [and movies, too] and we just didnt have chipmunks or fireflies where I grew up in Southern CA. Especially the fireflies, there is just something magical about them, they were always a highlight of our visits out here, and now I can see them all the time [for some reason, I didnt see many at our old place, but there are plenty here]:)

Jun 17, 2005

Quick Update

Hello, just wanted to let you know that I will not have an internet connection as of Monday morning until hopefully Friday, but possibly the next Monday. So I'm not really a bad blogger on purpose :)

I hope all is well in your knitting/personal goings on.

At least without internet I have no excuse to not get the new place settled in (around knitting of course ;))

I look forward to being back on-line Friday (6/24) and will be sure to let you know when it happens!

Happy knitting!

Jun 15, 2005

Moving Week!!!

Ok, so Miss Gracie is 1 now, yeah!!! I cannot believe I didnt have time to post on her b-day...well, I guess I can...but more about that some other day...

We are entrenched in the move now, today I move all of the kitchen over and we will no longer "eat here" so that will be interesting [ok, so I'll leave some munchies and breakfast stuff]. Thankfully DH took tomorrow and Friday off, so we will be all set to move the big stuff on Sat, then I'll scrub and say Good-bye to this place that was nice and sucked at the same time.

~~oh ya, gotta keep this short, mucho work to do~~

So, not much knitting this week, which is killing me because I just started the Lace Mystery Stole and I'm totally addicted to knitting lace now. I think I can hold out until next Monday...tempting to pick it up Sunday night, but that will depend on my exhausted factor ;)

Hope to be back to regular blogging once we are moved in [and figure out if SBC has DSL at the new place or if we get to figure out the situation with the cable company...wish me luck as I am afraid I may have to go through internet withdrawls again soon as all this comes together]. So, if I do "disappear" again, it will be because we may not have an internet connection immediatly at our new humble abode.

On that note, I will leave you with this:

You are Acrylic.
You are Acrylic.While you are very versatile, your plasticky
countenance can be offputting. You are very
good with children but can become a pill if
left alone with them too long. You are very
flexible but don't give in to manipulation.

What kind of yarn are you?
brought to you byQuizilla

Jun 6, 2005

There's Something About Gracie

Miss Gracie has reached that lovely age where you'd better wear full body armor, a face shield, tarp the floor, and strip her down to preserve her clothing...

I'm eating here

...notice her hair..."there's something about Gracie"...

There's Something about Grace

...thankfully in this case it is butter from her pasta ;)

Here's a sweeter picture of my sweet-baby ~

Someone found Daddy's phone

yes, a little over exposed, we dont have zoom and John got a little too close ;)

and speaking of the Man of the House

Silly Daddy

here he is playing on the floor with Gracie, trying (nearly succeeding) to get a pic of the 2 of them...I of course was too busy knitting to help [honestly he was just challenging himself, this was 1 of 2 of the best from nearly 10 tries - the next best one needs a little crop that I'll get to later]

well, I hear Miss Gracie stirring...we're off to get some yarn for the Mystery Stole :)
Baby Blankie

Here is my current WIP ~ a baby blankie in the "big dishcloth" pattern. This pattern is great for mindless knitting, but not an exciting choice for a quick knit...although now that I am past the grueling increase section, it does seem to be shrinking quite quickly for me.

At least this is distracting me from ordering yarn for the Mystery Stole...I just got off the phone with my LYS, so Gracie needs to wake up so we can dash on over and support my neighbor ;) I am no good at waiting for items to ship.

Catch you again soon! In the meantime, happy knitting :)

My 1st Pair of Socks!!!

1st Sock

My 1st sock

1st Socks!

The 1st pair together, comfy and cozy.

This pattern is called Curvy Lace, and it can be found in the March 2005 issue of Creative Knitting

I love knitting socks!!!

French Market Bag Update

FMB Pre-Felted

My 1st French Market Bag ~ pre-felted

FMB Post Felted

My 1st French Market Bag ~ post-felting

Felted Close up

My 1st French Market Bag ~ felted detail

This project was incredibly fun, fast, and addicting...just gotta get some more wool!

Clapotis Est Finis!

Clapotis Est Finis!

My Clapotis has been done for quite a while...it was a lovely knit, I would really like to work another one in if I have the chance/yarn :)

Jun 5, 2005

My Goodness!

Oye! Ok, so first of all, I lied before about getting better...that last post was my last bit of cognizant thought before my brain was completely invaded by mucus - I apologize if that was too graphic, but it's the truth. By the time I was finally released from the mucus prison, my hubby came down with it, and of course it was "the worst thing that ever happened to him", but he is better now too. This was the first cold that managed to attack the whole family. I have been unusually healthy since delivering Grace (I earned it from being soo sick while pregnant), Gracie has been fortified by the Super Powers of nursing, and John simply never gets sick (honestly - even the flu is generally eradicated from his system within 24 hrs). He was so bad that we almost cancelled our trip to Atlanta, and then by the time he got back from work the next day he was greatly improved and the trip was back on - I tell you, if it wasnt such a good thing, I'd be disgusted at how well his immune system works. So he really only had it bad for 3-4 days, and I was out for at least a week...oh, well.

And I do have many pictorial updates, but am not yet properly motivated to sync the camera, so I apologize deeply, and I will get to that soon I promise.

The Atlanta trip was pretty neat, we left at 9pm to theoretically beat the sun (we dont have A/C in the car we took) but then we stopped at a motel at 4 in the morning - maybe it was 3-3:30, i wasnt very there as I really had to use the Ladies room - so we started again from Kentucky at 9am the next morning and we were making great time until the Yahoo directions ditched us in Cartersville (I think) GA, about 1/2 way between the TN border and Atlanta. My DH's Granny lives in a town a few miles West of Atlanta, so we were trying to avoid Atlanta traffic. By the way, I love TN...it looks beautiful! Granted, we didnt get out of the car (until the ride back when we stopped in Lynchburg at (you guessed it) The Jack Daniel's Distillery! Way fun! The funniest part of that adventure is that the distillery is located in a "dry" county, so they can make it, but you cant drink it there. --Ok, back on track, thankfully we had a good Atlas with us, and faked our way down there, and after a few lucky turns made it to Granny's house. We were happy to finally be there, but I was bummed that our shoddy directions made us miss DH's sister's Graduation from H.S. It was real neat to finally meet more of DH's family, it's been a long time coming and I really hope to keep in touch now.

One more thing about the trip back - Kentucky was Beautiful too! We came up the I-65 (I think, I wasnt driving and was distracted by the scenery most the time), and saw the most amazing farms, pastures, hills, flowers, etc...I want to go back! Except, we did get "caught" by the largest scale speed trap I've ever seen (and I'm from San Diego) there were at least 20 patrol cars waiting besides the min 10 that had people pulled over and there was even a guy on the overpass with a radar gun who radioed down the vehicle info - and of all times too, we were in the middle lane, going with the flow - the flow just happened to be going 82 in a 65 zone...

I did bring some of my Warm the World yarn with me so I started my first blankie for them, and thankfully Gracie napped and went down pretty well each night, so I made quite a bit of progress! I also finished my first pair of socks! I did the Curvy Lace pattern from a Creative Knitting back issue (I think March) and I absolutely love them! I wore them all day...of course!

On Friday, I was checking KnitSteph's blog, and found out about the Mystery Stole Along, which seems real neat...now I just have to get the yarn ;) The clues began June 3rd, so anyone interested should still have time to catch up (the 1st clue seems to be a quick knit). By the way, this is a lace project - my 1st big lace project, but the socks gave the the lace bug.

So, no promises of frequent updates this time...I will try, but from here until the 20th we are in full scale moving process - packing now, new keys on the 13th, big stuff goes on 17/18th, scrub down 18/19th, drop old keys in box at office when done. We will come up for air on the 11th for Gracie's 1st Birthday! and I have a baby shower to distract me the next day, but otherwise these were my last gasps of free air (j/k) I'll take a break every now and then...I gotta share those pictures, right?

Happy knitting!