Apr 27, 2005

Why I'm Lacking in Posting

Hello, just wanted to remind those of you read what I share that I have not disappeared...my mom is in town and we have been having too much fun! I promise to be back soon and update on all the exciting news that has happened in the last week; but until then TTFN!

Apr 17, 2005

I love bamboo

Ok, so I was just going to be money smart and try to make my alum dpns work, either by using needle protectors or rubberbands to "stop" the other end. But I remembered that I had a coupon for Joann's for 40% off, and since I've come across enough patterns to know that I will be using size US 7 dpns again in the near future...I went ahead, squeezed a few pennies out of the budget, and got them today.

I am in love...they are so nice :) Bamboo is my friend. I didnt have a single problem, the bottom of my French Market Bag is just flowing from my needles - it's already 1/2 done!

So now I have hope of finishing this bag in the near future and my mom's top is 3/4 done, too! Very productive, very nice weekend, my Spring is definately off to a good start (aside from the bloomin' trees). Now to just get the grumpy, teething toddler who is getting into everything back to happy baby land....at least Grandma's coming to town this week!

Happy Knitting!

Apr 16, 2005

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday: Alum DPN Trouble
So, some knitting-chicks and I are doing our own Felted Bag KAL (quickly becoming a whatever bag you want to knit-along ;) for those not wool inclined). Anyway, our "launch date" was yesterday to celebrate tax day; so I go to cast on - I've never done a bag before - and I quickly realized how much of a slippery monster aluminum double pointed needles could be! I couldnt make it past 3 rows...and those three looked pretty darn twisted and ugly... So today, after DH returns to watch kiddo, I'm gonna have to get myself some bamboo dpns, because I wanna do this bag without exploding my brain or going crazy. My only alternative...if I try and fail again...is to see if somehow I could do the pattern "upside down" I've done many a hat now and had no trouble working with alum dpns before; but starting with just a few stitches seems to be different then working down to a few stitches. I dont know, maybe yesterday just wasnt my day.

Today has been awesome, so far! I'm back in touch with my DH's little sister, and I'll spare you the details, but it looks like he's going to be able to reconnect with his mom and sister sooner than we'd ever hoped for! We just got reconnected this week via e-mail and I even got to chat with her early this afternoon! Happy Birthday Katie!!! We will get to see them Memorial Day weekend, and I am so excited and hopeful! It is way too bad when family conflicts explode a family, and life is way to short to let things get in the way of family, so it will be nice to see this family "knit" back together (sorry, couldnt resist).

Well, off to get a few rows in before Gracie wakes up. Happy knitting! And Happy 18th Birtday Katie!!! (again)

Apr 14, 2005

Same Blog - New Look

Didnt mean to scare you...just changing things around a little on you - keeping you on your toes! >^..^<

I am sooo tired today. Dont know what the deal is; I didnt stay up too late last night. Got a few rows in in Clappy last night and today, so I'm happy about that.

But I have a long way to go to have the place ready for Chris' visit...I think I'm dragging because hubby makes plans without helping me get the place ready. I've broken myself too many times already getting the place ready for Poker Night w/out much assistance (if any) from him...and I think I'm in one of those "non-confrontational funks" I tend to fall in.

BTW, I've been trying to decide if I'm motivated enough to maintain 2 blogs - you know another "life in general" deal - but I think I keep coming down to the realization that knitting is such an integral portion of my life it wouldnt be worth the trouble. That is part of the wonder of knitting anyway isnt it; that while you knit it seems the puzzle of your life begins to fit together. And why SnB groups have been around forever too - you know, hash out the junk in your life while you get to be productive otherwise.

Oh boy, I'm about to start really rambling...I better spare y'all and make my way back to my knitting - and maybe try to get to bed a little earlier tonight.

~Since my BIL is just out of college he wont mind that my house isnt spotless right? I mean I do have a little tornado who follows my path and destroys whatever neatness I can assemble anyways, right? ;o)

Apr 13, 2005

Hola, Como Esta?

Ok, so I admit I've been a bad blogger lately...I'm very sorry. Things have just gotten a little hectic now that Gracie is an established crawler and already threatening to walk - I've got my money on her walking before my mom leaves May 2nd.

I have the back finished of my mom's top...I'll try to post a pic in my not yet linked FO Gallery and let you all have a sneak peek (mom looks in here every now and then and I dont want to ruin the surprise - she wont peek in the gallery if I tell her not to) so I'll let you know when that is up.

Trying to figure out what to make for Ang so mom can take it back with her; its looking more and more like I'll....oh shoot she reads this, well you'll just have to wait in suspense for the unveiling.

My poor clappy is nearly to the decrease section, but I've been madly knitting away on my mom's project, so clappy is feeling a little neglected - I'll get back to you soon, I promise!

Well, I gotta get to cleaning the place up, my brother-in-law (not the one who just had the baby) is coming to visit this weekend; so I gotta get the place spiffy for our visitor.

Final Thought: I'm Andie Walsh!
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My hubby will be thrilled with this...he had a major crush on her when he was younger - ok, he still does kinda, but I can handle that competition ;)

Apr 6, 2005

My Momma's Comin to Town!

So my mom called last night while we were watching House M.D. - which isnt generally a good idea because that is one of the few enjoyable shows that catches my attention [*gasp* even from knitting] However, she was relating her booking info and I am so excited [I just cant hide it :) (hee, hee)] She'll be coming in on Apr 20th, and leaving May 2nd; so we will have 11 wonderful days of her actually being here! Hooray!

I figured since she already has a general idea of what I'm making her, I'll relieve the suspense for some of you...it is another short sleeve top that has raglan shaped sleeves, it can be found in the Creative Knitting Magazine May issue, it is called "Upbeat Top". DH thinks it may be "too young" for her...but I think it is just that he 1st saw it on a young model...I guess we'll see once it is finished. - mom doesnt get this magazine, so she'd have to go out of her way to see the design (and the website is still showing the previous issue, I just checked) The project is coming along fine now! Now that I finally bit the bullet and settled on this pattern - this will be the 2nd time I use the actual yarn called for in a pattern!

Well, Gracie's calling! Happy Knitting!

Apr 5, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

birthday cake
It's my mom's birthday today!!! I hope you have a wonderful day mom!!! Its been a tough day for me, being that it is the first time I've been away from her on her birthday....I'm not even going to think of how I'm going to get through mine....
We do birthdays big time, my mom, sister, and me. Its not about presents - we've often been in the financial position to just enjoy each other; but I think that is what made our "special day" that much better. The "birthday girl" gets to pick dinner that day, doesnt have to do housework, and everyone else does their part to make the day special (ie. the sisters dont fight). We often wake the birthday girl up by jumping on her bed and singing Happy Birthday - generally earlier than the person usually wakes up so it is what they wake up to. It's a fun and simple day...just reminding us how much we mean to each other. When my sister was at college, we called her at 12:01am to sing her Happy Birthday, she laughed and said she needed that and then went back to bed :)
I think it's a little harder for me because Gracie is missing Grandma's birthday...I know I shouldnt do this to myself...but oh well. The good news is that mom is coming to visit soon. We are going to have Gracie Dedicated at our church May 1st, and mom wanted to come for that since she may not be able to make it for Gracie's birthday party. So I am excited and loosely trying to make plans for what we'll do while she's here :)
I've finally settled on what I'm making her and have cast on the project...yes, it is obviously going to be finished after her birthday, but I was waiting for the Spring/Summer patterns to come out since she lives in CA.
Well, Gracie's calling! Happy Knitting!

Apr 2, 2005

Pebble Beach - my labor of love Posted by Hello

Pictorial Updates

First, here is my lovely Clapotis~
Clapotis Progress

Another view~
A Little More Than 1/2 Way There!

And without further ado....here is the finished Pebble Beach Top~
Well, sorry to keep you in suspense, but flickr is trying to really tick me off and wont show the picture....I'll try with Hello in a minute; so here's a pic of Gracie for your time
Ruffle View of Gracie

Here is the pillow (in progress) I promised my stepmom (I'm finally motivated)~
Pillow For Stepmom (in progress)

And finally, here is the Petals Baby Hat that Melissa (knitting-chick) introduced us to ~
Petals Hat
I had a cool pic of a top view that really showed the flower on top...but flickr isnt cooperating.

So this is what I've been up to since Easter weekend, hope you all had a lovely week! Ours was incredible - 60-70 degrees all week! Welcome Spring!!! It is amazing how good the sun feels once you can finally feel the heat coming down. Gracie and I have been enjoying walks all week...she even got to meet the ducks at the pond (although the cars passing by were a little more interesting to her).

I am soo excited about the summer preview of Interweave Knits!!! I think I'm going to knit just about everything in there! I was about to return some yarn that wasnt living up to my expectations...but I think I've discovered its purpose...now to just get my hands on that issue!

Happy Knitting! ....off to see if Hello will be more cooperative

I had to join the flock on this one

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Fits me to a tee! Uniquely Neutral...if that isnt an oxy-moron statement.

Apr 1, 2005

Its a Girl!

So here she is! The long heralded newest member of our family, and the 1st cousin younger than Gracie!
Olivia 4 days old

I just had to share this one too...nothing sweeter than the oldest bonding with the youngest!
Olivia 4 days old w/Izzie

Olivia Adrianna was born on 3/27/05, Easter Evening, at 10:40pm. She weighs 7lbs, 10oz, and is 20 in long.

So that was our Easter excitement, and why I was absent this week...we had their next youngest for a couple days. I did manage to finish Pebble Beach (I'll get the pic up this weekend). It fits pretty well and I'm sure will fit better once Gracie doesnt need me for nourishment any more. Clappy is up to 8 dropped sts, so it finally is resembling a shawl, and I'm ready to get cozy with it.....almost there!
I also made my first venture into on-line fiber ordering, and it was shipped out today...so I am looking forward to starting the birthday present for my mom :)

On the baby development front, Miss Gracie is now walking along furniture. Yes, my daughter who made her 1st successful crawling lurches just last March 1st is already threatening to walk! She is growing up sooo fast! But I'm not ready for the next one yet...after having Mikey for a few days, I am reaffirmed in the only 1 in diapers at a time guideline. So once Gracie starts at least pretending to be aware of potty training is when discussions shall recommence on that subject.

Well, I need to get to bed...Happy knitting!