Aug 30, 2007


We had a little roadtrip today so I got much more knitting done than I would have otherwise. I've nearly finished the back side of the Princess Tote. Yes, I've promised a pattern for a project that I have yet to complete. As I was nearing the end of the back side, I was reconsidering what I've done for the front. The stitch pattern on the front is not the problem as much as the yarn I chose.

I picked cotton-tots for this project (in Grape Berry). It's from my stash, from a binge at Joann's during a clearance sale - the yarn was half off the clearance price! I used cotton-tots to make my dishwashing apron and I really like it there because my apron is like a large dishcloth and I like that. But I'm not sure how well the texture of this yarn is fitting the pattern I chose.

The front panel right now features the gingerbread castle from Barbara Walkers 2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Which is lovely (and honestly kind of fun) to work, but I'm just not as thrilled with the "finished" look so far - maybe I need to *gasp* block it? Yes, I think I will block it before it eats flies in the frog pond.

I'm off to bed for a fresh start tomorrow :)

Aug 26, 2007

Woo hoo! I'm in!!!

Hooray - I got my invite today! I'm knitting4grace on Ravelry :) I'm so excited, Brianne found me within seconds of accepting my invite - it was cool to see we were on at the same time, and it was awesome to be welcomed by someone I've known for so long (we've known each other since middle school - I have pictures around here somewhere...)

I'm super-duper excited and have had much fun tinkering around. This site is so cool and totally worth the weight. I have a lot of picture taking and inventory to do. Yes I should have started while I was so impatiently waiting...I've been distracted by the blankets I was making and just now realized that they've gone to their new home w/out a picture getting taken! oops!!! This has been a crazy few weeks - a teething nearly 8 month old who's crawling and testing walking along furniture already has been a handful. Along with finishing the two blankets and trying to knit up a tote bag for a birthday present, it's amazing I'm still in one piece ;) I'll try to get a photo from their mom - I cant believe I did that.

By the way, the patterns were all mine for these recent projects...I'm finally converting stitches into patterns of my own!!! Hooray for me :) In celebration of getting my invite, I'll get them written up - well 1 blanket, with 2 finishing options, and then the princess book bag coming soon to this blog!

Until next time - knit something...

Aug 23, 2007

Getting Antsy

Yes, I'm talking about Ravelry, and yes I'm very upset with myself that I didnt sign up forever ago before the buzz got so loud. I think I was intimidated by thinking it was for a richer knitter than myself. And since then I've realized that was just silly of me. I also think I didnt fully get the idea until so many people were telling exactly what it does - I blame it on sleep deprivation. So, at least there are only 385 ahead of me (I think that means I should get my invite next round, hooray!).

...and, yep, I disappeared again. Just as thing were getting exciting with MS3, a friend called me with a blankie emergency. What started as high alert that her kids' gwankies were falling apart, went to emergency level when her youngest's gwankie mysteriously disappeared.

I've finally completed my first pieces for pay, and I think I'm going to go ahead and get my feet in the water and actively look for more projects. I'm going to try to keep it simple to start. So we'll see. I'm not turning it into a "job" yet though ;) For starters we bought a wholesale lot of Italian leather gloves and I'm going to knit/crochet up some scarves to bundle with and see if that helps them move.

Aside from that, I'm back to MS3. I think I'm about halfway through, in the pas de chat section. The wing was nearly what I expected of Melanie. I was cautious about it, and it does look interesting when it is just laid out, but I really like how it looks once worn - and that's where it matters in my book. I'm not creating artwork for may walls/furniture with this one.

Til next time - knit something :)