Mar 25, 2007

3 in one day?

Yes, it's me again...just cant get enough of you today ;)

I just wanted to take a moment to share that I absolutely LOVE being a mom, and I love my girls very much. Sometimes I read back and see my tone may be read as a bit "down" or "unappreciative" of my girls, and that is absolutely not the case. I guess I just use this medium to vent more than applaud lately and I'm going to try to adjust that ~ I'm also a bit tired lately so I'm not watching my tone like I should. I think it is very important to focus on your blessings.

Jess is the most adorable baby and a real lovebug/cuddlebug, and she's hilarious already! She must know that she's going to be the middle child because she's already going out of her way to crack me up. On top of that she's a talker! I cant quite understand what she's telling me, but we've already had many extensive conversations ;)

And Grace of course has always been my sweetheart and she is an incredible helper. She has adjusted to being a "big sister" much better than I could have ever hoped. We've had a few rough spots of course - she is only 2 yrs old... Still she just absolutely amazes me every day with what she comes up with.

I love my family :)

Ok, I feel better now, Good Night!

Celebrated too soon...oh well

So, UNC let me down...I've dropped to fifth place, but I'm still having fun! Go Ohio!!!

I think I'm getting bit by the Fantasy Sports Bug...this is a lot of fun :)

Sickness - be gone from my house!

So we've gotten better and worse over and over throughout this month - I think we went back to playgroup too soon - but the cabin fever would have killed us otherwise anyway. It has been a long winter in Chicagoland for a 2yr old. With the latest bout, only Grace got it, and not nearly as bad as anyone in the playgroup. The girl's got some good genes from her daddy!

The bummer part of Jess getting sick was she was a monster for nearly a week - would not sleep on her own and dont even think about putting her in either her swing or bouncy chair! Thankfully she's better now and back to smiling and talking to her toy bar on both above mentioned diversions. (or I dont think I'd have any hair left)
Since Jess has been attached to me, I dont have much knitterly progress to speak of although I am 3/4 through the 3rd edge of Grace's blankie so that means I'm nearly there! Hooray!!! Hopefully the blackhole of knitting wont find me on this project.
Oh! I've come across a little "extra" money by being a good girl and I think I'm going to sneak in a trip to my LYS to grab some pretty yarn for Argosy, I'm so excited!

I was all excited to join Nona's Pick em tournament so I could hopefully get lots of knitting time in - foolish me, my 2 month old has other ideas so far. However, I am VERY excited to be in first place right now - who'd of thunk for all the red on my bracket? It's also been fun to see how my picks have stacked against my hubby's - he's not so happy right now (thanks to Oregon), so I'm trying not to celebrate too much ;)

in lieu of a knitting pic, I'll share my littlest one who is getting so big so fast:

Ohio State better keep on winning or my mommy will be bummed!

Please? (Actually she was saying cheese) I cant leave the big one out ;)

Mar 17, 2007

Happy St Patty's Day!

So, I spoke too soon. Jess mutated the virus to include viral pinkeye...she was a handful the next few days and then was so sweet and shared it with me! I've been down for the count since and aside from still feeling like I'm hearing the world from underwater, most of my symptoms are finally gone.

Since today is the first day in a week that both eyes are clear, I havent gotten much knitting in. I have turned the 2nd corner on the edging to Gracie's blankie and since I'm babysitting (after the kiddos go to sleep) tonight, if Jess cooperates I may at least turn the 3rd corner if not finish!

So what's next? I'd like to wear Pebble Beach 2.o soon, so I guess I should work in earnest on that one next. However, I'm being lured by the Argosy Shawl. The yarn I want to use is worsted however, instead of sport weight, so I may have some figuring out to do (or stash enhancement) in my future. And Icarus is gathering dust and crying for attention so maybe I'll get some more work in there as well.

Well, enjoy green beer, corned beef sandwiches, and basketball!

Mar 6, 2007

Inching along

Well, I think I've managed to kick the bug before it got me too bad - hooray!!! Grace and Jess still have a bit of a cough but it diminishes daily so hopefully we are out of the woods. I've also decided no playgroup this week to see if we can finally fully kick it.

We did get out today to play with a friend and had a great time...we had too much fun and spent all day there so there was no knitting today (well I may slip a few more inches of border in later). Over the weekend I finished the last section and started the border; yesterday I finished the first whole edge of the blanket border, hopefully I'll find time for a picture tomorrow.

John's hosting poker night here Thursday night so tomorrow will be a cleaning day (but I'm sure to slip a few rows in here and there) - I'm crossing my fingers that the kiddos cooperate so I can get a lot done and not have to stress too much on Thursday. I'm getting so much closer to a daily clean house and I'm working on a Spring resolution to almost always have my house visitor ready on a daily basis - I'm so sick of clutter!

Mar 1, 2007

Batteries down!

So yesterday was an interesting day - both girls were out of sorts which equals mommy getting no knitting time. We have been fighting off a virus spreading through our playgroup and now hubby must have blended an office virus with what we're carrying and he was down for the count Mon night through Wed and now it looks like I may be losing the battle but I still refuse to surrender. Thankfully Jessica is still hanging tough aside from random congestion.

Today I finally got Grace down for a nap and Jessica is happy in her swing for the moment so I hurried up and laid out G's Log Cabin blanket and had to use the flash since we are having yet another snow day here in the midwest - the snow is "falling" sideways by the way because of the wind.

This is the only shot you get because it is the only shot I got between the battery low indicator coming on and the camera shutting itself off. Oh well, you'll see more of it very soon as I'm nearly done. Yes that little bit of pink signifies the last wedge being worked and all that's left is the border, blocking, and weaving in the ends. And yes, the green looks a bit wonky because it was salvaged from another project and I was too much in a rush to see how it looked to properly reset it, hopefully it will block out after it has been washed.

Nothing much planned for this weekend aside from lots of decongestants, kleenex, movies, and hopefully plenty of knitting and recovery. With a 2 month old I have no way to plan my knitting time, but I do plan to recover as best I can ;)