Sep 3, 2007

Stash Enhancing

I wrote this last night. As I attempted to add photos my browser crashed on me and said it was time for me to go to bed. The natives have been restless today so this was my first chance to finish this up :)

As I've been attempting to catalogue what stash I do have (when the kiddos give me literally a second), I have been chastising myself that I need to do a better job at waiting to buy nicer yarn instead of instant gratification cheapo yarn.

My DH continually nags at me about the bins of yarn I have when I tell him I'd like to get more yarn. He doesn't get that 80% of what I have I got off a freecycler 2 years ago, and 19% I got when I went crazy at a Joann clearance sale - who can resist half off clearance price? There is very little in my stash that is high quality. I keep trying to get rid of this yarn, but I just cant. For the most part it's great for afghans, charity, and kids wear so I'm afraid I'll miss it if I let it go. I'm a work in progress on the pack rat tendency.

The biggest problem I have is that I keep spending money first on patterns and magazines and I need to start waiting to be able to afford the yarn for the projects I really want to knit instead of trying to force Caron Simply Soft to be my "go to" yarn for every project. Not that there is anything wrong with Simply Soft - I rather like it and for the most part it has behaved as well as could be expected.

Today I finally placed my first order with Knitpicks - I KNOW!!! I cant believe it has taken me so long either. I'm oddly phobic about paying for shipping if I don't have to so I was always trying to put together the $45 order and I finally realized today that paying $3 to ship is not the end of my world. So I ordered 3 skeins of Shadow in Sunset, 4 skeins of Essential, 2 skeins Riverbed and 2 skeins of Tuscany Multi. I just got paid for those blankets so I figured why not get started on Christmas socks too?

So what is the Sunset for? Well, I'm in on the Secret. Will you come join us? Sign up closes Oct 4 and first hint is whispered Oct 5 (2007).

Warning: the group is really bad at enabling further purchasing of lace weight. I am barely resisting ordering more Shadow in Campfire and Oregon Coast. I don't think I'll last much longer, both are very pretty and calling to me.

Also, I must admit that the siren that is Joann got me again today with her Labor Day Sale. I came home today with Bernat Handicrafter Cotton for fall dishcloths,
4 skeins of Patons Classic Merino (2 in rosewood and 2 in regency) for scarves,
Chocolate Covered Berries Scarf
Fall Scarf
and some novelty Caron Simply Soft Boucle for a scarf for Grace - she picked it out and it was clearanced for .97/skein!
Grace's Scarf
this is pretty true to color - she is 3 yrs old after all, pink rules!

And I nearly shopped at Wool & Company today too, but darn it, they were closed for Labor Day!

Sep 2, 2007

MS3 Progress

I forgot to add my current place for MS3 earlier today. I'm on row 225 - mid Chart E. I haven't really reached decision time yet, but it is looming near. I find the idea of an asymmetrical stole very appealing, but am not sure if this particular design is something that will work for me. It would be great to make and drape on a mannequin and call art. I could probably wear it a few times. I just don't know...some of the ones I've seen make me want to really try the wing and then there are a few of the symmetrical one that are just as appealing. I think I have 100 rows to figure it out.

MS3 working Chart E

I have a feeling I'm going to go with how it was designed and see if it pleasantly surprises me. I really like the feather pattern in the wing and wont get to enjoy it if I make it symmetrical. I may still do the lifeline so I have a reference point to decide after I work it up. The Skacel Merino Lace weight has not been very finicky with me so far, so I think it will handle being worked up and pulled back if need be w/out showing wear.

next time I'll get a picture with better contrast for background ;)

Sweet, sleeping babies

Thank goodness, my kiddos are sleeping - at the same time! Hooray!!!

I just got to spend an unheard of amount of time on Ravelry - how do I love thee.

Just thought I'd pop in - since they are still asleep - before I get a few rows in on the library book bag and share the progress photo:

Library book bag

Hope you are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend!

Sep 1, 2007


That was fast...I could swear it was just Grace's birthday (you know, back in June (11))! Well, I guess there is no fighting it, so I'll roll with it. Boy does life exponentially escalate as you add children!

Ok, so time for August wrap up. My awesome MS3 progress was greatly delayed by a commissioned project (sorry, still no pics). I picked up crochet again - and I'm in love. It is really nice to switch back and forth between knit and crochet. Before when a project was getting to me, I wasnt able to shake it off so well because I was still knitting and sometimes I'd feel like the bad mojo would transfer to the other project(s). Since crochet is just different enough, I feel like I'm shaking it off much better. Now I just need to figure out how to read and knit/crochet at the same time - like I'm not already doing too much at once already ;)

I finished 2 toddler size blankets. My own design. And nearly designed a library book bag (I've re-thought the original pattern - yarn matchup).

Jess started also started crawling this month.

Now for September Goals:

1. get pics of gwankies (blankets)

2. finish library bag

3. get patterns written up

4. post patterns and remember to ask for corrections if found (since didnt write up as worked like you planned).

5. finish MS3

6. get some scarves running off the needles/hook to pair with gloves for sale on eBay

7. figure out if should open etsy acct - if do get scarves up there as well.

I think thats enough for one month ;)