Sep 23, 2005

I belong in Rome :D

You Belong in Rome

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I absolutely love this one!!! Of course I already have my gorgeous Italian, so this one is an easy fit ;)

Mom's in town, so I've been enjoying her company, loving that she gets to play with Grace and give me some time to knit :happy dance: I'm busy plugging away on a gift for a friend...details and pics to follow in a few weeks - surprise gift and all, you know how it goes.

Got my hair shaped today (fancy term for hair cut) and I love it! I havent had a hair cut since a month before my baby was born - yes, way too long. But it was less stressful to just throw it in a pony tail than try to find a decent salon out here (still feel new in town) My mom was a willing guinea pig for me and tried one salon...they did ok on her, but she recommended I try somewhere else, so I finally stopped by
Elegante and I love this place...they do nails and massages too [guess what's going on my Christmas list]. FYI: Elegante can only be found in the Chicago area.

OTN: Surprise Gift, Smartly Shaped Tank, Grace's Blankie, Grace's Cardigan

Sep 2, 2005

Technical [photo] Difficulties

Ok, so I'm having an issue right now with my, I'm not stealing bandwidth, but I did just merge my flickr and Yahoo account and that may have changed something...if you click on any of the "blank" photos, it will take you to the flickr photo so it is half working, hopefully it some snafu at the moment and will be fixed shortly. I am too tired to investigate any further at this very moment. Any suggestions are welcome, otherwise I'll wait it out/figure it out later :)

~back to knitting, g'nite :)


still dont have photos for you...keep forgetting to get the batteries out of Gracie's room when she is awake. Not that it matters too much, the progress I made on the Honeymoon Cami is about to visit the lily pad as my gauge is way off. Does anyone else have the problem that their gauge swatch and actual knitted piece dont necessarily match? I use the exact same yarn and exact same needles for both and I'm generally in the same mood whenever I pick up this project - I have baby blankets to knit when I'm feeling stressed and need to relax, or when I'm too tired; I just dont get why my gauge swatch seems to be different...I guess I'll figure it out some day ;)

I am so unsettled over the Katrina disaster I dont know what to say...I am thankful that I have no family in the region and I have been praying for the survivors and the families affected by the situation. I wish I could do more...

Well, I'm off to get a few rows in before sleep takes over - have you seen the new version of the Tivoli? here's the Picovoli! I am so glad that I have been too busy to get to starting the Tivoli, I like the updated version so much better!