Aug 29, 2005

I have a few pictures for you

Because my digital camera needs new batteries again, I dont have an update on my latest endeavor. But I have a few pics of my little monster sweet daughter, and I just cant remember if I showed you where I left off with my now stalled lace project; since I'm so proud of both here you go:

my sweetie pie
My sweet little girl striking a pose.

mouthful of cookie
Quite a mouthful of animal circus cookies, not sure how many animals she's crammed in there...half the circus probably

Must have been a lion or two, now she's roaring :)

Gracie's 1 now!
She really likes having her picture taken.

Mystery Stole Progress
And here is some knitting content for you, I'm actually starting to want to get back to this one, now that I've looked at the pictures again...

I'll try to get some pics of my newest project up...soon

Oh, I nearly forgot! Thank You Brianne!!! I love the pattern book you sent, I cant wait to check my stash and make Gracie one of those beautiful dresses - they are soo cute! (I'll get a pic of this up soon too)

I'm off to knit some!

Just cant resist these

You're Jane Eyre of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte!

Which Classic Female Literary Character Are you?

[sorry about the broken credit to quizzilla, I tried to fix it and lost it]

This one actually fits me to a tee, so now you know just a bit more about me :)
Good read too, by the way.

Aug 25, 2005

I have no excuses this time...

No more promises either...

The funny thing is I really do like blogging, I like clearing my head of whatever happens to be rattling around in there, and I like the sound of the keyboard doing its thing while I think - it's actually been doing a better job of obeying my desires lately too :)

So I guess I should start where I left off ~ we had a fabulous time at my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary. I am so glad that we were able to make it after all (even if we couldnt afford it - it is one of those "once in a lifetime" events after all). Just about the whole family made it and a few friends from California, and Grace (as if on cue) took her 1st steps that evening back at their place. [For those new here, or who may not have a calendar marking each of Grace's landmarks ;) she crawled for the first time there too when we visited back in March - at least her daddy was there for this one] I really loved seeing everyone, I miss my family very much and cannot wait to visit San Diego again - this is the longest I've EVER been away.

The top I made for my sister came out much to small (as I figured), so I got to bring it back with me and play with it some more (Dr. Frankenstein time)...a few tries later, and after sitting down with a calculator I think I've come up with the closest formula that I can get without corrupting the design - I wanted to try short row shaping, but dont know how that works in a lace pattern yet, but all is well now I think :) I'm quite proud of myself, actually. And big props to Paton's Grace yarn - it has been through the wringer with me lots of visits to the frog pond and still looks good to me!

Now I'm juggling attempting the Honeymoon Cami from with the Sirdar Duet yarn my mom got me for my birthday - I am going to attemt a striping pattern in peacock (blue) and lime (green). I'll keep you posted on that far I'm finding the yarn really likes to snag on the shiny part, so I'm having to really be diligent during those sections, otherwise, I really like it and I think it will have a very nice drape.

OH, last weekend we were watching the Bears game, and they did the 85 Super Bowl flash-back and I noticed Mike Ditka's sweater vest and casually mentioned if DH would like something like that and he got totally excited about it!!! So far, when I've brought up making something for him, he's been like "nah, I dont need anything, make something for yourself" but I finally found something he wants! I am sooo excited, now I just have to figure out what I've gotten myself into: am I ready to employ fair isle in my knitting or should I just duplicate stitch B-E-A-R-S across the front, I think I've figured out the basic shape and styling, but I'm still looking around.
Now I just have to get more yarn ;) - I certainly dont have any Orange just sitting around, and of course the other colors will need to coordinate, Knitpicks Wool of the Andes is a little "thin" but I gues I could double strand or look for a base pattern that will be happy with that gauge...

Things are definately looking up around here, Grace is a tornado, but she's having fun and that's what she's supposed to do at this age so I guess I'll hold on tight for now :)

Of to get a couple rows in, unti next time, Happy Knitting!

Aug 4, 2005


Hooray for Brianne!!! Knitting has finally clicked for her!!! I am very proud of her as she is one of my long time friends who I didnt know until recently was addicted to yarn too! I have successfully wooed her over from crochet only land and now she has two crafts to satisfy her yarn cravings :) Go over and congratulate her!

It is so humid/muggy/hot out here I am literally melting. And I just bought a bunch of wool yarn to make a cute sweater, but I cannot go near it, I must wait for the heat to subside :(

We also just got our first full summer month electricity bill, yikes! is all I have to say about that one...

I just finished the shawl I made for my Grandma just in time to take it to her as the family is all congregating in TX this weekend for their 50th Wedding Anniversary! Very exciting!!! The family is also stoked to get to see Gracie...she has grown so much since she's seen my family last.

I am also on the last row of my "potato chip" scarf...I'm not sure how I feel about linking this pattern with the copyright hullabaloo going on, so if you want it, go find it at under their free patterns. I'm not sure if I'll be doing any more of these, cramming all those stitches in really made my hands hurt...and that's after extending my longest cord with the 2nd longest cord - I do not know how anyone does this pattern on straight needles, I wouldnt recommend trying it.

Now down to the final countdown to recieving my copy of The Half Blood Prince, my sister was so kind to buy it for me (she of course read it first...had to make sure all the pages were there and what not) I promise this will be a spoiler free zone.

Well, off to pack for TX, I've never been good at packing earlier than the night before ;)
Happy knitting, and I'll see you when I see you :)