Nov 5, 2010

Penelope Cobblestone Scarf

At last, I have written up my first pattern. I hope you enjoy knitting this scarf as much as I did ~ Happy Holidays!

Penelope Cobblestone Scarf by Jennifer Moretti

Inspired by the  2006 movie Penelope starring Christina Ricci and James McAvoy. My niece requested a scarf like Penelope's to make her Halloween costume complete last year and a really cute, cozy scarf was born.  This is my first pattern write up ever, it has not been test knit, gentle input is greatly appreciated.

  • Size: 8 inches wide and just over 60 inches long - shown in movie approx 80 inches long
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Baby Soft Solid (60% Acrylic/40% Nylon; 459yd/141g) in 2 colors: [MC1] Pistachio and [MC2] Violet.  Red Heart Ltd Designer Sport  (100% Acrylic; 270 yr/85g) [CC] Black Note: I used approx three quarters of each of all three skeins for a scarf just over 60 inches - approx 345 yds of each MC, and approx 210 yards of CC.
  • Needle: US 5 [3.75mm] 16" circular needle or double pointed needles (magic loop would work too)
  • Gauge: oops, lost my notes - I did go down one needle size than recommended on yarn label to get a slightly denser fabric.
  • Notions: tapestry needle
  • Stitch pattern:

Cobblestone Stitch [Multiple of 8 sts] (revised 11/13/10)

Row 1: With CC, knit.
Rows 2-9: With MC1, knit every row
Row 10: With CC, * k7, drop next stitch off needle and unravel 8 rows down, picking up CC from row 1 below; insert needle into this stitch and under the 8 loose strands of MC1, and knit, catching the loose strands behind stitch; * repeat for round.
Row 11: With CC, knit
Rows 12-19: With MC2, knit every row.
Row 20: With CC, knit 3, *drop next st, unravel, and knit CC st from 9th row below as in Row 10; k7 * repeat for round; last repeat end k4.
Repeat Rows 1-20

(adapted from Barbara Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns Blister Check, or Coin Stitch pg 69)

Scarf Pattern:
Begin with CC, CO 80 sts, join to work in round careful not to twist. 
Work 3 - 7 rounds stockinette stitch (or desired length for rolled edge). 
Continue in Cobblestone Stitch pattern for desired length.
Then, with CC, work 3 - 7 rounds in stockinette stitch (or desired length for rolled edge). 
To finish, knot off or weave in ends inside tube, may sew tube closed or leave open.

A pictorial tutorial for the Cobblestone Stitch pattern Row 10:

A look at the back

You are welcome to print this pattern, teach this pattern, and sell items made with this pattern to your hearts desire, all I ask is that you please give me credit where credit is due and not represent as your own. Thank you!