Mar 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

My peeps are knitting for me today - I popped in to share that our family had an excellent Easter family gathering today and even though there was snow(!!!) on the ground this was definitely one of my favorite family days...ever.

the girls were a lot of fun today - it was Jess' first egg hunt, Gracie and their cousin were very good about not snatching the eggs we were pointing out for Jess, and we all just had a very pleasant day overall.

Since I became a mother, I've been having a hard time enjoying family gatherings. My sweet adorable firstborn is rather attached to me and wouldnt (until recently) play without me playing with her. So I always ended up with all the kids and wouldnt get any adult time and well, I was really getting drained. But today it finally wasnt an ordeal for me. I did actually get a bit of a break thanks to my awesome FIL. But even when I did end up downstairs with the kids, just me and the kids, we had so much fun this time! We raced matchbox cars and played with the play kitchen and there was lots of laughing and giggling and smiles and happiness. True happiness I sometimes think you can only see in children.
When we were driving home I was reflecting on my holiday memories growing up and it clicked that today I got to be the "cool aunt" you know, that random family member who got down on the floor with you to color, or pulled out a game, or just stepped away from the "adults" and really concentrated on having fun with the kids...

I am just so completely happy with today - very tired too, but a good tired. As this year has been developing I've been finally looking up and around at all the goodness that is in my life. It's funny how as this goodness is becoming more into my awareness, the more goodness I'm finding. And I feel I'm becoming a better wife and mommy as I work toward adjusting my focus.

Hope you had a very Happy Easter too!

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Ruinwen said...

Oh Jen it sounds like you are in such a good place! I'm very happy for you. You should be really proud of yourself for working through your "ugly creature." I'm so happy to hear from you again. :)