Feb 14, 2011

day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

I'm ususally the one behind the camera...this is Jack and me on a walk.
Our 1st Snow in December will have to do.

Shopping @ Ikea is most recent but again I'm behind the camera.
15 Interesting facts about Jen:
  1. My husband asked me out for our first date on Feb 16 because he thought it was too cliche to have our first date on Valentines Day.
  2. Since we moved to Chicago, my dear husband has been out of town on Valentines Day for business EVERY YEAR! (Thankfully my kids make sweet Valentines)
  3. I think this is more funny than tragic, since we enjoy showing our love for each other all year round.
  4. We have been married for 8 years
  5.  and have 3 children.
  6. We have fish for pets because of allergies to cats, our home is too small for a dog, and the kids are too small for a hamster/guinea pig/rabbit yet.
  7. The year I graduated high school, my school did Senior shirts with everyone's name printed on the back. My shirt has my name as Jennifer Moretti - when they fit the names to the graphic my last name and the next student's first name got cut. I was rather bummed by it at the time.
  8. On our first date I happened to ask John if I could see his license because I have a thing about out of state licenses.
  9. When I saw his last name, it was a strange moment when I saw Moretti. (we met at church, fairly casual, so we hadn't exchanged last names)
  10. My initials did not change when I got married.
  11. Reading and knitting compete as my top free-time fillers - I am always super excited when I find a good audiobook so I can enjoy both at the same time.
  12. Reading has been my escape when life gets to be too much since I was seven.
  13. It physically pains me when I hear someone does not like to read because I have yet to encounter a movie adaptation that can come close to the stories brought to life by my imagination at work with a great author.
  14. I love that knitting allows me to be creative and practical.
  15. My word for this year is Simplify. (or KISS = Keep It Simple Silly)
Happy Valentines Day! 
Hoping yours is full of LOVE, HAPPINESS, and CHOCOLATE!

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