Aug 29, 2005

I have a few pictures for you

Because my digital camera needs new batteries again, I dont have an update on my latest endeavor. But I have a few pics of my little monster sweet daughter, and I just cant remember if I showed you where I left off with my now stalled lace project; since I'm so proud of both here you go:

my sweetie pie
My sweet little girl striking a pose.

mouthful of cookie
Quite a mouthful of animal circus cookies, not sure how many animals she's crammed in there...half the circus probably

Must have been a lion or two, now she's roaring :)

Gracie's 1 now!
She really likes having her picture taken.

Mystery Stole Progress
And here is some knitting content for you, I'm actually starting to want to get back to this one, now that I've looked at the pictures again...

I'll try to get some pics of my newest project up...soon

Oh, I nearly forgot! Thank You Brianne!!! I love the pattern book you sent, I cant wait to check my stash and make Gracie one of those beautiful dresses - they are soo cute! (I'll get a pic of this up soon too)

I'm off to knit some!

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