Jan 3, 2006

Black Cavern Knitting

So I'm working on the Cavern cardigan right now, and I'm loving it! Thank you so much Lisa for mentioning this pattern! I see a few of them in my future. This is a top-down seamless raglan in worsted weight, I'm using Caron's Simply Soft in Black.
Here's where I am so far (3/4 through raglan shaping):
Cavern in progress
And a keen(e) eye may notice her stitch markers in action...Thank You!!! I love them, and I get to think about you whenever I knit now :D I'm going to have a hard time going back to my hack plastic markers ;) And I think you have repaid my getting you into knitting by getting me into making stitch markers - that has just soared to the top of my "I'm gonna..." list.

I also have a finished object that I managed to capture before gifting: Olivia's Sweater
Pattern:Creative Knitting Magazine (Nov 2005), Precious Baby Jacket, p 46
~beware check the website there is an important revision on the front(s) shaping.
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Bright Ombre and Bernat Softee Baby in White
Needle: Size 6 (4mm)
Time: Honestly I was in such a holidaze and Gracie was in rare form for most of the month so my best guess is 4-5 sittings at approx 2 hrs each so not much more than 10 hrs and it would have been quicker if I'd checked the website before I started and if I didnt have a toddler who tried to throw her schedule out the window ;)
Notes: Other than the revision in the pattern this was a great knit, the pattern is interesting enough to not be boring, but I was still able to watch TV/movies throughout. I love baby knits, quick, simple and oh so cute! DH wants me to make one for Gracie :)

As well as one of my lovely Christmas gifts from my in-laws:
'05 Christmas goodies
That is Lion Brand Jiffy in El Paso and a pattern book from Leisure Arts Touchable Knits.
I think I like the cardigan on the front, and the shell on the back cover, but I really feel this yarn is destined for Hot Lava unless I get a few more skeins and make the ballet wrap cardigan on the cover of the current Interweave Knits (Winter 2005).
But that project will have to wait as I am madly finishing 2 more gifts (this was planned to be late, I promise!) before I head to CA Jan 21 :)


Leeanne said...

Cute little cardi nice choice of colour. You have nice in-laws, mine got me a coffee hamper. I dont even drink coffee.... Happy Holidays.

Jen:) said...

Thank you! It turned out even better than I'd anticipated :)

My in-laws spoiled us this year, it was the first year we were in town on Christmas day so they heaped their happiness upon us.

I'm sorry yours got you an item you won't use - sometimes inlaws can be so clueless...

Brianne said...

I'm so glad that you like the stitch markers! I got into making them and couldn't stop. There were 75 stitch markers sitting on my kitchen table... and yet I had to make some with names. Can I help it that your lovely lady and my little man happen to have a name that fits on a stitch marker?

Love the projects you're working on! And what a lucky knitter to get yarn for presents! (My MIL took a hint from hubby and got me a gift card to Michaels. My first gift ever from her that I know I'll actually use and enjoy!)

Glad to see you blogging more! :D