Feb 14, 2006

Happy Love Day!

I know, I know...I disappeared again, so much for getting back into blogging this year. But I have been otherwise busy for good reason, we are neck deep into the "buying our first home" adventure, so when I have time to be online I'm scouting out places and setting up meetings with the realtor to see places as well as researching all I can on aid for first time buyers...

I also jetted off to San Diego with Gracie for 3 weeks to visit my family while John was sent to Australia for business and was simply too busy doing "other" things to find my way here.

So...silly me, I thought today was my 1 year blogging anniversary, but it isnt, I started blogging on Feb 6, 2005, and added my site meter on Feb 14...oh well, its not like I had anything to offer as a fun anniversary contest anyways - sorry! Maybe I can come up with something next year :)

Also, as I was researching my first blog entry, I discovered that John was out of town last year for Valentine's Day too! Yes, Gracie was my Valentine again this year, John is in Vegas on yet another trip but at least he'll be home for a long weekend soon :)

Not a whole lot going on knitting-wise lately, I managed to finish Ang's sweater at my moms, and of course didnt take a picture. But it looks amazingly similar to the one on the pattern, maybe I'll get a pic of her in it next time I see her. She absolutely loves it, when she first tried it on, she was thankful and appreciative, but once she got home and saw it in the mirror (I gave it to her when we were out to dinner) she called me absolutely raving about how much she loves it - yeah!!!

Other than that, I was plugging away at my mom's top and then I came across a work at home data entry opportunity that has consumed any free time I had for the last few weeks, and then found another sewing at home job that may be long term so I've been doing some research on purchasing a serger (not required, but I've been wanting one). And now I'm feeling nipped by the sewing bug - so much so that when I got my Joann's flyer, I jumped to the sewing section first and then looked at the yarn sale - gasp! I'm sure it will wear off after the novelty fades.

Oh, and at my mom's I came across this adorable hand knit dress that I wore as a toddler and Gracie is just adorable in. So I brought it home with me and I think I'm going to try to deconstruct it in my head so I can make her another one that is a bit bigger. I think that would make a suitable attempt at designing from inspiration. My mom couldnt remember where she got it, either my grandmother made it or it was bought from a place that didnt install tags as there are no markings whatsoever inside and it is not "professionally" finished.

Well, Happy Love Day! [that's what they called today on Blue's Clues :hee, hee:]

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Brianne said...

Good luck with the house searching! Been there, done that recently, and I know how much time it can take up!