Oct 14, 2007

Poncho Come Back?

Reviving poncho fever? I dont know if it will - or should - return to poncho fever. But I do like the poncho. Maybe because I'm a mom of small kids and dont have time to keep up with a shawl behaving. Or maybe because I'm in the midwest and appreciate the often more substantial fabric more often seen in a hearty poncho versus a whispy shawl - and yes, I have made a few wraps that are out of worsted so yes they are more substantial. For some reason, when I think of shawl I think of the floaty beauties I'm dying to work on but I've got to get this poncho project finished first.

Along with joining the 3 mystery shawls running right now - and omg, are they all so pretty! - my MIL has paid me to knit up her son's family ponchos for Christmas presents. I was feeling pretty nervous about ponchos now that the fever has died down. But wouldnt you know, I was at the book store Friday and saw a poncho in the Holiday Vogue Knitting Magazine! I feel much better now somehow.

So I'm making a mommy - daughter - doggie version and have started teaching my MIL to knit so she can knit her son a scarf for Christmas! Isnt that so cute!!! It has been so much fun getting together with her and her friend (who is also learning from me) for coffee and teaching them.

And now the Bears need more attention from me as they keep trying to give up their lead - come on Bears!!! you can do it!

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