Oct 3, 2007

Coffee Question

As I was pouring my morning cup of life - 2 kids under 4 = must. drink. coffee. around here.
actually, it's my NEED to have some "me" time that keeps me up til 12:30 and Jess generally wanting a feeding at some point between 12:30 and 6:30 that has necessitated coffee in my life. Before then, it was a casual enjoyment.

I emptied the carafe into my mug. I poured the water into the reservoir for 3 cups, and my mug accepted it all. Now, I don't drink a tankard by any means. And I generally feel that my cup is avg sized.

So the question arose: When people say they drink 2-3 cups a day, do they mean what was measured into the coffee maker? or how many "cups" they poured?

If it's the latter, boy is that a lot of coffee y'all.

Now, mind you, this is my musing as I'm fueling up, so thank you for staying with me here.

Speaking of coffee, I have got to get myself over to Starbucks soon - I hear the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back.

So the lace addiction is being more than properly fed. I am an excited member of Secret of Chrysopolis (in German - and yes, Google Translate is my friend as I do not know German), Secret of the Stole, and Mystic Waters KAL - and am still finishing off MS3.

Secret of Chrysopolis is amazingly beautiful so far - membership closes this Friday; we get clue 1 of Secret of the Stole this Friday - membership closes midnight Thursday!!! and Mystic Waters will be underway starting the 24th - this one releases clues on Wednesdays :)

For anyone stopping by who hasn't tried lace yet - I highly suggest finding a lace KAL. The members go above and beyond to help. If you do a mystery lace KAL, you get the pattern only pieces at a time so you don't feel overwhelmed. And everyone else shares where they struggled and what helped them get through it, and often times I've found myself very surprised at how many people struggle with the same parts I do.

OK, well I'm off to wind some hanks into balls and then the girls and I are off to story time!

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Anonymous said...

You and I have the same joinitis it seems!!
Best of luck to you, and enjoy the coffee.
infpknitter on ravelry