Mar 10, 2010

Found it! sorry about the blog silence. My camera went missing so it was hard to get motivated to post picture less posts (the kids being so cute and all). I was trying to keep up by taking pics with my phone...but then couldn't find the data transfer cable specific to my phone. Someone has seriously got to universalize this stuff! Anyway, I found the camera today, so I'm back :)

So LOTS has happened since January -
We got a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan! My sweet husband who is madly in love with me finally gave in and got his wife a minivan. I am in heaven! I love it so much it is as wonderful as I hoped and so nice to have all the room we need. Also, I'm finally back to an automatic transmission - I truly appreciate my 5 years of experience driving a manual transmission vehicle, and am glad that I will never have to worry about being in a situation where I cannot drive a vehicle. But I've put my time in and am relieved to be back to letting the car do the work.
Jack is a big one year old now - can you say FASTEST YEAR EVER! He now shares bedtime with his sisters instead of having to wait until they are already asleep before he can go down. This has exponentially improved our evenings. He has five teeth, is still a contender for fastest crawler, now walks along furniture, and occasionally you can catch him standing without support. You can make his day by holding his fingers so he can walk. Oh! and with the recent warm up, the LOVES the park and likes sliding on his belly (feet first) down the slide.

On the knitting front:
I knit Ang a shawlette and fingerless mitts and she loves them :) Now I'm working on a bright green Ishbel for myself and I'm so excited it may be ready by St Patrick's day!

...and I renewed our Costco membership.

Exciting stuff!

I also have a new cookbook and so far it's awesome! The taste of home simple & delicious cookbook is my new friend. It has 12 weeks of dinner main dishes, plus many of add-on options for sides, salads, soups & desserts. The first recipe we tried is very similar to this one. And then I made the chicken dish from week 1 and this book is a keeper. If you stick to the week's menu it even gives you a shopping list!

Glad to be back!

<3 Jen

PS: Tonight I cooked with wine after a long break of cooking from bags and boxes and I forgot how nice it is to sip a glass of wine while cooking. Definitely going to enjoy that more often.

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Ruinwen said...

Good to hear from you! It sounds like life has been exciting! Your new minivan sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see your is such a lovely pattern.