Jan 28, 2010

A sunshine day!

The baby is teething/not sleeping/needing constant contact with me and that greatly reduces the number of things I can do in a day. Plus, it's really hard to type with an 11 month old on your lap - oooh! buttons!!!Yep, I took a vacation on you and I'm blaming the baby.

The sun decided to shine for us today and I'm loving the crystal blue sky.

I finished the dog sweater and did not take a picture before I sent it off. Hopefully mom will share one of Delila modeling and that will be more fun than a lumpy piece of knitting laid out anyway.

But I did upgrade Jessa to a booster seat - it's Pink and totally Jessa.

AND I cleaned out the car (too cold to vacuum, but got all the junk out)!
Now of course Gracie is jealous of the beautiful pink booster seat so I need to
  • ignore her til she gets over it  --or--
  • make/buy her a replacement cover  --or--
  • buy her the cute one with flowers and save the boring black one in the attic for Jack
On the knitting front I am now working on a Twirly Skirt [found under Free Patterns] for Gracie. She and I are hoping it is ready for her Valentines Party at school, if not, it will still be a fun skirt. I was making the Lil Sister Dress [see side bar], but I had to take it back a few rows and disaster struck and I ended up at the very beginning. The yarn was not a great match for this pattern anyway - it looks much better already as the skirt.

I'm also about to start Jack's birthday hat - I cant believe he's nearly one! This year has FLOWN by!

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Ruinwen said...

Awwh what a cutie! Love the pink seat! :)