Oct 14, 2010

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

[warning: I have a bee in my bonnet today and have to get this off my chest, I likely just need more sleep but I'm trying to blog more frequently so here goes]

All three of my kids love The Cat in the Hat... on PBS. I really love that the Cat has the kids ask their mother before they go on their learning adventures. I want to love that the mom repeats back where they say they are going and to be back soon, I just wish she'd pop her head out the door/window and see the kids standing with a man sized cat first.

Perhaps I'm looking too deep into a cartoon, but it happens every episode and I spent the first few of them being so happy the show reinforces asking before doing. Slowly it has just been nagging at me with each additional show that these kids are standing there with this huge cat and they actually are going somewhere because they keep coming back with stuff (otherwise how did Sally come back with silk from the silkworm?) This is where the show is different than say, The Backyardigans, where their adventures really were the work of imagination.

Just please, look your child in the face and see who s/he is with before you give permission. Before you know it s/he'll be 15 and it wont be the Cat in the Hat anymore.

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