Oct 26, 2010


Today we are supposed to have the worst storm in 70 years. It was a windy night all right and there are twigs and branches all over outside. Thankfully it seems that the storm has not hit us with as much vengeance as anticipated. As usual, a lovely name has been given to this storm - ChiClone.

My favorite slimline bible I got at Spirit West Coast 2000 has spontaneously gone ragged at the edges. I have  been using it more, but goodness. I would rather not use a zipper cover for this bible so I popped on Ravelry to see if I could knit a cover. I fell in love with a free pattern, but alas the website is no longer and the wayback machine had no archive. Upon further look I found two more candidates that will require a trip to the library.

In the meantime I have fashioned a lovely paper cover to hopefully slow the disintegration until I can knit the new long term cover.

I have really been enjoying my bible study and the small group on Tuesdays. I am so thankful I remembered to sign up just in time. The study we are using, Cynthia Heald's Becoming a Woman of Simplicity, is exactly what I needed right now. And the group of women in my small group are such a blessing to me and each other.

Here's a Halloween sneak peek:
Starring: Jessa as Snow White, and Gracie as Rapunzel

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Ruinwen said...

Your girls look amazing! I can't wait to see your finished diary cover. *hugs*