Jul 17, 2007

MS3 pulls me out of hiding!

Yep, I'm part of the MS3 phenomenon that is raging through the knitting community! But I do want to point out that I have taken part in this adventure from the beginning. Leda's Dream was my first lace adventure and Sheherazade (sp?) was my first zephyr adventure...unfortunately, neither made it all the way for whatever reason, I cannibalized the projects for other lace (in fact I'm using my Leda's Dream choice for MS3). I think sometimes yarn just wants to be something other than what you are trying to mold it into.

In this case for example, the Skacel Merino Laceweight I bought for MS1 was just looking "flat" and I just want happy with it, but now in MS3 where it is being accented with beads...oh, I'm in love again!

It is funny how I'm finding that yarn can be like children, no matter how much you want it to do something "your" way, their way just might be ok too...and sometimes even better.

I am very much loving MS3, I finished clue 2 last night and even found my camera and got some ok pics this morning (we are having a t-storm/flood watch right now, so the lighting isnt the best). As Clue 1 grew to Clue 2, I was still trying to figure out the shape and finally it hit me that it's a taper - which I wouldnt have considered until now as I'm seeing this grow - the taper is really growing on me.

I am so excited that this project got me into incorporating beads in my knitting! I love how it makes this design "pop" and it's kinda fun too :)

I must also confess that I've recently picked up crocheting again! I'm finding it to be a nice change of pace. And is something I can do with both girls up and not have to think to hard about what I'm doing or worry about losing my place. So far I've stitched up a couple bibs for Jess and I'm also working on some dishcloths for my kitchen!

My first adventures with yarn were with a crochet hook in hand, but it used to irritate my wrist and elbow. Apparently all the conditioning those joints got through knitting have made them more ready for crochet again. I just picked up the latest Interweave Crochet and am now in search of the Fall issue with the Josephine pattern. I'm really excited about the possibilities in combining knit and crochet!

So, yes I'm still around. We're just very busy lately with 2 kiddos and Jess still isnt quite sleeping through the night yet...so to cope I've had to let a few of my extra things slide. I think we are finally working things out and I'm getting more "me" time so hopefully I can get back to blogging - I miss it so!
Off to put in a lifeline and start on Clue 3!

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Ruinwen said...

Your MS3 is stunning! I love the beads you've chosen. :)