Mar 25, 2007

3 in one day?

Yes, it's me again...just cant get enough of you today ;)

I just wanted to take a moment to share that I absolutely LOVE being a mom, and I love my girls very much. Sometimes I read back and see my tone may be read as a bit "down" or "unappreciative" of my girls, and that is absolutely not the case. I guess I just use this medium to vent more than applaud lately and I'm going to try to adjust that ~ I'm also a bit tired lately so I'm not watching my tone like I should. I think it is very important to focus on your blessings.

Jess is the most adorable baby and a real lovebug/cuddlebug, and she's hilarious already! She must know that she's going to be the middle child because she's already going out of her way to crack me up. On top of that she's a talker! I cant quite understand what she's telling me, but we've already had many extensive conversations ;)

And Grace of course has always been my sweetheart and she is an incredible helper. She has adjusted to being a "big sister" much better than I could have ever hoped. We've had a few rough spots of course - she is only 2 yrs old... Still she just absolutely amazes me every day with what she comes up with.

I love my family :)

Ok, I feel better now, Good Night!

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Ruinwen said...

I don't think anyone doubted your love for your daughters. :) I'm glad you are so happy! :)