Aug 26, 2007

Woo hoo! I'm in!!!

Hooray - I got my invite today! I'm knitting4grace on Ravelry :) I'm so excited, Brianne found me within seconds of accepting my invite - it was cool to see we were on at the same time, and it was awesome to be welcomed by someone I've known for so long (we've known each other since middle school - I have pictures around here somewhere...)

I'm super-duper excited and have had much fun tinkering around. This site is so cool and totally worth the weight. I have a lot of picture taking and inventory to do. Yes I should have started while I was so impatiently waiting...I've been distracted by the blankets I was making and just now realized that they've gone to their new home w/out a picture getting taken! oops!!! This has been a crazy few weeks - a teething nearly 8 month old who's crawling and testing walking along furniture already has been a handful. Along with finishing the two blankets and trying to knit up a tote bag for a birthday present, it's amazing I'm still in one piece ;) I'll try to get a photo from their mom - I cant believe I did that.

By the way, the patterns were all mine for these recent projects...I'm finally converting stitches into patterns of my own!!! Hooray for me :) In celebration of getting my invite, I'll get them written up - well 1 blanket, with 2 finishing options, and then the princess book bag coming soon to this blog!

Until next time - knit something...


Ruinwen said...

Isn't Ravelry amazing? :) Glad you got in! :)

Brianne said...

I'm such a stalker!

Can't wait to see the patterns for the blankets. Knowing you, they'll be fabulous. :)