Nov 9, 2009

Our kitchen makeover (Late Aug 2009)

Our Condo was built in 1978 and our kitchen was in need of a makeover.

So we called in Sears and decided to replace the doors and resurface the cabinet bases with a Cherry finish.
The sink cabinet was pretty bad, so they built us a new one.

In the background you can see a shorter cabinet that was built so we could raise the microwave a few inches.
 In the foreground we have the 1970's spindles that serve no function other than to make our kitchen feel more closed in.

Goodbye spindles!!!

Hello countertops (Corian in Pepper Ivory) and breakfast bar!

My clowns having their first meal at our new breakfast bar - they eat nearly every meal here now.

And now we have paint. We used a Wagner Paint Mate Plus for the big spaces and a combination of mini-roller and paint brush for detail and smaller spaces. While the Paint Mate was nice in that I didnt have to repeatedly get more paint on the roller - it was heavy (duh - it had a few gallons of paint in it). I made many more oopsies on the ceiling than I did later when I painted the soffit with the mini roller.

The wall color is Victorian Falls and the soffit is Stonehenge Griege, both by Dutch Boy.

We got a free upgrade to an awesome sink and I'm in love with this screw in drain catcher - you screw it in just a bit to keep it in place and it'll catch all the big stuff (we dont have a garbage disposal, this is a scrape your plate first house) and if you screw it in all the way when you want a sink full of water. This is where Jack gets most of his baths, but I cant share photographic evidence since my hands are rather full then...

and my final favorite thing in my new kitchen is this tilt drawer so I can hide (and always find) my sponge!

Hope you enjoyed our kitchen makeover adventure!
If you want to see more the full album is here.
More knitting and kiddo adventures tomorrow :)

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