Nov 10, 2009


As anyone who spends time around children knows, we have our ups and downs by the day/minute/hour.

This morning at Borders another shopper had to come around and see Jessa because she was just melting this woman's heart with her cuteness as Jessa was conversing with me about what a good job she was doing in moving the beads around on the bead play-thingy (yes, that's the formal name for it).

Yesterday at her well-check she wasnt done playing in the waiting room so we had to really coax her to follow us. Which she eventually grudgingly did with her arms crossed and stomping and a frown so big on her face that the nurse called all the other nurses out as we walked by to see her pouty face. I shared with the nurse that John and I have had many moments in parenting her where we have had a very hard time holding back the laughter until we've made it clear she needs to follow the rules and were able to escape to laugh out of sight.

Jessa is my extreme child, nearly everything she does is done with her whole heart and I love her for that.

A few hours ago, the girls were arguing about one thing after another and I was about to snap. Thankfully as I was counting backwards one more time "Turkeys!" popped into my mind. So I grabbed some paper and a marker and told Gracie to get all the other coloring stuff. And we had a lovely afternoon of coloring :)

Gracie's Turkey

Jessa's Turkey
Jessa is not a huge fan of coloring books or coloring things in she is definitely a free-form artist:

This one is [Auntie] "Angela" (I love the heart that snuck into her doodle - on the right)

And this one is "Mommy and Daddy"
I think she used the grey because that was the one I used to trace their hands plus it was the only dual tipped marker so that makes it extra special. She had one other that was all pink called "Rainbow" and another that was much more grey than the two above and she said it was "the sky" - yes, November skies in IL are grey...

Itty Bitty Toys joined my library today and it has got to be one of the most fun books I've bought. Gracie wants one of everything. My first project is going to be the reversible Egg to Bluebird and a Little Nest, Too (Ravelry link)

The beginning of the egg.

And now my turkeys say:

"zzzzz" coloring is exhausting!

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