Nov 5, 2009


This little guy joined us late February this year (2009). He's been my best excuse ever for blog silence & if anyone is still following...thanks for keeping me in your feed/checking in again :)
I've been knitting quite a bit lately & am excited to get blogging again - I'm joining the party a few days late but I'm going to attempt a Blog-vember & we'll get all caught up.
We've had a rather cold year here in Chicagoland, so I've been cranking out head & hand coverings lately. I gotta say I am loving fingerless mitts for the girls - they actually keep their hands rather warm & no fiddling with getting fingers in the holes & the girls keep them on because they can still use their hands! Victory!! Of course we'll have to step up the coverage soon, but these will remain a good layer.
A Calorimetry just jumped off my needles in time for Trick-or-Treating with the kiddos. And was even recognized while we were out! That was fun :) I love being able to keep my hair up and my ears are still warm w/out the unsightly pony/bun hump in the back of my hat.

Tune in tomorrow for my Halloween catch up post - all the kiddos wore knit accents to their costumes & we all had fun!

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