May 3, 2005

Happy Birthday Jolasoni!

Happy Birthday to my lil sis! I hope you have [had] a wonderful birthday!

birthday cake

Have a lovely lobster dinner and enjoy every delectable bite you lucky girl! I got a bunny for you, but she has to live on my blog (at least for now). Her name is Lila the Wonder Bunny and I will take good care of her for you here until you decide you may want to join us in blog-land.

Onto other news, I finished my Clapotis tonight and I am very excited about it. There is no reason for this project to have taken this long other than I am a new mother and we have lots going on around here lateley. Everyone is right, the dec section seems to go by very fast, which was fun and rewarding. I found that for myself the pattern as written makes a lovely shawl that isnt too bulky or in the way for my fact I am wearing/enjoying it right now! [I was too lazy to weave in the ends yet...I'll get to that tomorrow...I needed some instant gratification first ;)]
My next project should be the Isis wrap from IK Summer '05, as soon as I saw it in the preview I knew I had to make to just find the yarn! This will be my treat as I make progress in moving; to take a break and dig into a pattern just difficult enough to keep me on my toes without wanting to stick my needle in my eye! (here's hoping anyways)

I have to let out an ugg on the moving front...apparently you need boxes to move - honestly I knew this already, having just unpacked 8 months ago. But we had planned on staying here at least 2 years. So, when my SIL asked if we had boxes when they were moving I gladly offered them and now have found out that she just gave all MY boxes to a friend of hers who is moving cross-country! So, now we are stuck potentially having to buy more boxes if the local stores (chains dont give boxes very freely) or freecycle don't come through for me (gotta love freecycle by the way) The good news [always gotta look for the bright side] is that since we are only moving about 7 miles down the road, and I will be moving all the small stuff throughout the week before the big guns move the large items, I am hoping to get away with using trash bags for items that dont require the structure of a box. So enough grumbling....I need to get to bed so I will be rested enough to handle weeding through our junk tomorrow ~ at least we have the freecycle outlet now for those things you cant stand throwing away but don't have the time to make it to a donation center.
Happy knitting! And I'll get some pics of my clappy up soon!


Kitt said...

Congrats on finishing Clapotis!
I'm going to have to check out IK to see what you're planning! Hmmmm...may join you!

Jen:) said...

Thanks Kitt! I would love company on the Isis Wrap :) Although, I wont be very speedy on this one either....fitting in the move and all ;)