May 8, 2005

What a Mother's Day!

***Disclaimer: there is baby diaper content in this post, so consider yourself warned!***
So, as I was in the bathroom rinsing one of Gracie's baby dolls of the poop that leaked from her diaper; it occurred to me that this truly was an example of a true Mother's Day. Retail wants you to believe its about beautiful cards and bouquets of flowers, a lovely meal surrounded by family (that you do not have to clean up after), and your children are simply angels all day in honor of their mother. But in reality, your husband is randomly [and apparently honestly not on purpose] rude, your children make a mess, and you are lucky to eat your meal while it is warm [not that you know anymore what a warm meal tastes like]. I'm not bitter, I promise :), I am just a mom who has discovered that this is just another part of our "job". We will not get peace and quiet, or a warm meal, until we escape on one of those coveted Mom's Retreats - which I plan to sign up for the 1st one I hear of after Gracie is weaned ;)

Now, in Gracie's defense, she came down with a cold on Wednesday, started with a fever and ended with upset stomach and diarrhea. The interesting part is since she nurses, and once she got sick she would no longer eat solids - so now she's solely nursing - her stools have become an often indiscernible concoction of possibly diarrhea/possibly just returned to what she had before we introduced solids. The unfortunate part is, we just switched from the diapers that were 99% effective in capturing this sort of mess, to another variety (on sale) that is more suited to capturing what we had become used to from our solid foods eater. Thankfully, tonight her daddy was able to get her to eat a variety of solid foods, so this little adventure is hopefully soon to be over...if not, I may have to go pick up some of the "better" diapers before I go cuckoo.

In John's defense, he probably wasn't as rude as I was just sensitive today. Plus, we grew up a little different (my family made the most of the little things - his wasn't always conducive of "warm fuzzies"). So he "fairly" may not know yet how to allow days to be special...we (I) have been working on that, and he is improving.

I guess today was just a "landmark" day for me - my 1st Mother's Day - not that I was expecting angels trumpeting from the sky or anything, I just didn't want today to feel so much like any other day...
I did get a rose from our church this morning, that was pretty neat. And Gracie did wake up from her second nap almost back to her happy, healthy self; she also really enjoyed herself when we went for a walk and then made a last stop at the swing-set at the playground. That was my biggest most precious gift today...I moved behind Grace on the swing and John took over pushing, and to see them interact and laugh with each other nearly melted me to a crying blob right there on the wood chips [I managed to just beam at them and smile the misting up away instead - I didn't want to ruin the moment by concerning John]

So, now that I have a "truer" perspective on Mother's Day, I am ready to bask in the reality of it. I would much rather have my day blessed with my husband and daughter bonding than just about any material thing...if only we hadn't had the diaper incident, today wasn't so bad after all.
Now, my friend Melanie really had a day that makes my diaper episode pale in comparison!
Not that we are having a bad Mother's Day competition, but this mom's day was truly yucky, and she could really use a vacation about now!

Quick knitting tidbit: I have nearly completed the base of my French Market Bag! I have moved the project from my lovely, life saving bamboo double pointed needles to my trusty circular needle and I am ready to get rolling on this baby!

Happy Knitting! and Happy Mother's Day! I hope a few of you had a good restful one!


leah said...

Isn't being a mom glorious? *hehe* Happy (belated) Mother's Day.

Happy said...

What a day! Mine was pleasant, not Hallmark worthy, but nice. My son told me "Happy birthday Mommy!" which was just precious to me, I get tickled thinking about it. Being a mom is much harder and more frustrating than I could have imagined, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I could never imagine life without my little guy! The reality is that you hope for more good times than bad, plus you'll only really remember the good things anyway.