May 20, 2005

Finally feeling better!

Yeah! I think most of my cold is over now...the worst part at least. I have not been that congested in a long time! I couldnt even knit because I always had a kleenex in my hand, not very fun.

Before getting real sick, I did finish my French Market Bag - just need to felt it! Oh, and the other day I found a K-mart closer to us and got a zippered pillowcase for $4! I was very excited about that. I was contemplating just using an old pillowcase and just rubberband/tie it real tight; but I couldnt pass up the $4 one.

Oh, and I checked out the charity Mel signed up for - Warm The World, and it sounds like an awesome opportunity to help babies, so I signed up too, and my yarn is on its way! I've been wanting to do something to help others, and this org does all the legwork for you - all you have to do is knit up the yarn they provide! How awesome is that! You can also crochet and/or quilt for them too!

Looking forward to the weekend, especially since I almost feel better! And yes, Gracie is much better herself now, she is like a day and a half ahead of me, so yesterday she was full of energy - and I had to catch every mini-nap I could ;)

Happy knitting!


Kathy said...

I'm so glad you joined Warm The World! I met the founder, Nan, and she's wonderful. Very loving and upbeat!

Enjoy your yarn from them. And be prepared: you'll be getting a lot of it! :)

Anonymous said...

Daniel Here:

I am glad you are feeling better. I am going to tell my other knitting friend about that organization...I think she needs something to do that will make her feel a bit better about herself.

I hope to talk to you soon. Take care of yourself.