Jul 28, 2005

Ha! I didnt forget you after all...

Gee, I really wrote a lot yesterday...sometimes it looks more intimidating because of the layout... but, you can tell I didnt get to talk to any "adults" yesterday - sorry about that :) Oh, and I hope I didnt hurt anyone's feelings that I'd rather knit than blog, I really care about anyone who happens upon my blog and hope to work out the regular blogging thing soon :)

Today was a lovely day, when Grace and I got back from our outing yesterday, I found a UPS tag on the door ~ not that it would matter if I'd been home anyway, our doorbell has only worked once since we moved in. So today I walked on over to the rental office to pick up the package - for John - and didnt think to put Grace in her stroller so it was fun trying to balance the baby and the box. Thankfully everyone made it home in one piece and now John has a bunch of cigars to keep him happy on the golf course. Oh, and while at the office, I mentioned the door bell situation (I'm tired of missing pkgs and we have Poker tomorrow night, so it was time to remedy the situation) and an hour later the maintenance guy had everything fixed - the connectors were dirty outside [like you really needed to know]
I took this latest arrival [John's cigars] as my "sign" that I do deserve to aquire the Denise set, so I finally made it to Kool Knits (my new fav LYS) and managed to resist scooping up some more yarn - very yummy stuff, but I was already pushing it - and I really love the set, I think I like the resin better than I like bamboo...I know blasphemy to some, but I love how light, slippery, and silent these are to work with.
While we were out, we made a quick stop at Trader Joes, and discovered Gracie loves blueberries! She is such a healthy girl, I'm very proud of her :)
Well, I'm off to dream about knitting ;)

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