Jul 5, 2005


...no, not that kind ;) Just had a chance to pop in real quick.

I almost have the 'swing' of keeping up with the charts for the Mystery Stole, instead of dealing with sticking and unsticking post its, I am just using paperclips to hold another page in place over the chart for where I'm working - and I have Chart B memorized. But, I am still only 18 rows in and have over 1,000 to go...yippee! I am also liking the color again, I was beginning to wonder if I was going to attempt dying it once this was done, but I think it was the lighting playing tricks on me. So now the big debate is whether this will be gifted or mine...I have plenty of time to figure this out, but I have compelling feelings both ways - so I guess we shall see [if I havent figured it out by the time I finish, I'll probably put it up for a vote].

I finally found a pattern that works for me right now for another baby blanket, I'd tried a few ripple patterns, but kept losing my count - I think one of them had some design flaws...oh the joys! So, I wandered online upon another near brainless pattern with just enough counting to keep me awake [;)] so this should be good.

We didnt end up seeing any fireworks this weekend...we were waiting until the 4th and then the drought decided to ease up a bit and we had some rain, which further dampened my mood re: the debate over whether Gracie would be up for fireworks this year since she is so deathly afraid of loud noises - the vaccum, drill, lanscaping equipment - when the festivities were beginning on Friday night, I took her out with me to see if we could see anything from our parking lot and she clung to me like she thought the sky was falling. So I took the rain as a sign to call it a night and we'll try again next year. There will be plenty more fireworks shows to come!

Gracie was so glad to have her daddy back home this weekend, 2 week long trips back to back were taking their toll on the little girl - she was missin' her daddy. We all had a pretty good weekend, and DH helped get our room put together, so things are really coming together in the new place - I can definately handle staying here as long as we need to.

Well, I gotta go find the baby, she's been out of sight and quiet too long ;) Hope you had a great weekend, and knit some!

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