Jun 30, 2005

I'll be 26 tomorrow!

How did that happen? I'm already on the "short side" to 30....all I can say is - you are only as old as you choose to be/feel - and boy does that become more and more evident the older you get. Some days I feel like I should still be in high school or at least college, and other days I just feel ancient and beat up. I do have a fair share of feeling how I 'should' and I'm trying to do a better job of enjoying the present, since I'm realizing how quickly your future starts to sneak up on you ;) ~especially once you have a child

I would love to show you my knitting progress, but the project I'm concentrating on right now is under cover (I'll let you see it when it's done and in the possession of the owner).
I was focused on the Mystery Stole, and totally addicted to lace knitting. Unfortunately knitting lace requires much more attention than I am able to provide right now [with the move and settling in], and I tried to push it this evening and now the project is frogged back to the lifeline and may be going back to scratch after a little more of a "time-out". I am also considering looking into getting some better needles for it, but that may be me just not wanting to take responsibility for messing it up tonight when the needles were working just fine before I gave in and tried to work on it again before I was "ready". ~bad knitter, bad, bad knitter, you know better!

DH didnt make it back from his trip tonight, hopefully he will get in tomorrow morning - he said he should at least make it in by dinner time, so we shall see. We may go check out Ribfest this weekend, it's a huge bbq picnic gathering with some nationally know bands performing and what-not. We are still debating whether we are ready to attempt staying out for fireworks on the 4th; I'm just not sure yet how open to the whole thing Miss Gracie will be so I guess we will play it by ear. She is currently scared to death of the vaccum and now a bicycle pump has been added (I'm not sure how that freaked her out), and I'm not sure how she will do with the loud bangs not to mention being out past 10pm (fireworks start at 9:30ish)

No exciting plans yet for the birthday...if DH gets home early enough, we'll all go out to dinner. If he hasnt gotten me anything yet, I may talk him into going by a bookstore to get A Gathering of Lace, or maybe I'll just wait til Saturday and get some yarn...I guess I'll have to wait to see what he has up his sleeve ;)

Well, I'm off to enjoy [sleep] the last 30 min of being 25. Good Night!

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BeccaU said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer!! May your next year be full of everything you hope / wish for!!