Oct 13, 2005

Finished a project, but no photo, sorry :(

So, once again I've gifted a project without getting the picture first, I was working so furiously I didnt even catch an "in progress" photo. Maybe this will have to be my excuse to get myself over to their place and check out their nest they've been working so hard on.

"what on earth is she talking about?" ~ well, as I mentioned previously, I was furiously knitting away on a wedding present for my dear best friend who got married Oct 1st, this present happened to be an afghan - well, lapghan, but it blocked bigger than I'd anticipated - and I bravely conquered it in 2 weeks. Some would ask "why the last minute?" well...first I was going to make her a shawl/shrug, but had a hard time selecting a pattern/yarn combination that I liked (could afford) and I was so very close to making her I Do that I bought the yarn in the right quantity and then did the gauge swatch and then it hit me...would she really like this or am I just trying to knit her something...so now I had some beautiful yarn and nearly gave up knitting anything and then I remembered a pattern I had come across in Creative Knitting, The Rosebuds Throw, and it was just perfect. I really wish I had a picture to share, I will remedy this as soon as I can, but she lives 3 hrs away so I cant exactly "just swing by". They returned from their honeymoon today, I hope they had a wonderful time.

My immediate project is cranking out a charity blanket, I feel bad that I havent been more diligent...I was soo excited to find this opportunity and then all these (personal) gifts keep popping out of me. I'm trying to work a better rotation in my knitting goals so I can get more done since I seem to slow down as I lose excitement in a project. Once I get my new housekeeping schedule down better, I think I'm going to add a monthly knitting goals series (but I'm not ready for that much structure all at once right now). Anyway, I have the latest blanket over half done, so I'm almost there and can return to getting a sweater for Gracie done.

Well, off to finish a few rows before hitting the pillow!

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