Oct 21, 2005

Gracie's sweater

Someday I'll get those pictures [I keep promising] uploaded...just been too busy, busy, busy lately. I started Gracie's sweater yesterday (and it's more than 1/2 done!) I love knitting for babies/toddlers, talk about instant gratification knitting ;) The main color is done in the creme colored wool blend yarn RAOK'd by Stephanie, and the 1st contrasting color (the one you see more of) is pink, and the second contrasting color is denim blue. I will see what I can do about carving out some time this weekend to get those pics up.

Hope you have a great weekend, we'll be rooting on the Sox, and tonight we are eating out at Panda Express, yum!

**I edited out the blogthing-a-palooza, there's something funny going on in my blog and I'm trying to figure out the culprit**

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