Nov 3, 2005

Hoppy Halloween!

I know its not Halloween any more, but I can only use the computer (at night) on Thursday nights, when hubby is distracted at poker.
So...without further ado, here's my little baby bunny:
Hoppy Halloween - Sweet Little Girl
Here's her close-up:
Hoppy Halloween - ready for my closeup
A view from the rear:
Hoppy Halloween - bunny from behind
Just the 2 of us:
Hoppy Halloween - hoppy mommy and baby
And, not to be left out, our pumpkin:
Hoppy Halloween - spooktacular

Why yes, that is a hand knit bunny suit for my little girl. The pattern can be found here, because the yarn is discontinued, I used Lionbrand Woolease Thick & Quick in Pewter that I got on clearance at Joann's (can you say stash-buster?) It took me about 4 days to complete...its hard to say because I gave up multiple times worrying that the woolblend suit would be too warm and settled with leaving the arms off for ventilation (which worked quite well, and of course we had a cold spell which really helped). I also did not enclose the feet because we had considered actually trick-or-treating and I needed her feet to fit in her shoes. It ended up raining so that made up my mind to stay inside (she doesnt know any better).
The pumpkin was expertly carved by the hubby, he did a pretty darn good job. We did have 2 pumpkins, there was a baby one too, but it was too little for the candle and was trying to burn up so I blew it out before we got a pic.
Well, that's all for now :)


Liz said...

Goodness Gracious! What a cute little bunny rabbit. I'm so impressed! Happy belated Halloween. :) I can totally relate to Hubby's being distracted by poker, too.

Jen:) said...

Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun making it, and she definately liked it much more than I'd anticipated :)

Bookish Wendy said...

Cute, cute, pictures. I love the costume! Well done, so impressive!