Nov 26, 2005

And the pie was just fine...

...actually, it was rather good! I'm very proud of my first pumpkin pie, my ever trusty mini cheesecakes werent so great, but that's because I neglected to specially buy 2% milk instead of the skim milk DH prefers, so they didnt set so well, everyone was too full anyway to miss them ~ and the pumpkin pie was a hit.

Didnt really bother messing with the "black friday" deals...this is going to be a "light" Christmas with my family any way because of everyone's financial situation, so there really was no need to get bumped and bruised in order to save a few bucks - plus, I think most everyone is expecting handknits anyway ~at least they should be ;)

I am making incredible progress on child cardigan #1, this is my first major branching off from a pattern, I'm only very loosely following the structure of a cardigan shape I really liked, but changed the stitch pattern, I'm pretty excited about it, but the colors are "jumping" off it differently than I'd planned so now it looks more peach than pink. Then followed the debate whether to continue the striping pattern onto the sleeves, but I really wanted something to "pull" the pink back into attention, so I think I'm leaving the sleeves just pink stockinette, which I think will do the trick. Now to decide if child cardigan #2 will be purple, purple/white, purple/varigated, or purple/pink...tune in next time to find out :)

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