Nov 23, 2005

Easy as...Pumpkin Pie?

I decided to be industrious this year, and instead of buying the Pumpkin Pie I'm supposed to bring to the feast tomorrow, I would make one...easy enough right? Just follow the directions...

Well, I'm proud to say that I followed the filling directions to the "t" and it smells and looks quite yummy ~ I merely neglected to follow the pie crust suggestion (really should be a rule) to use a glass pie dish (because I wanted to be able to leave the pie at my SIL's if they want it - I'm making another one just for us...shh) So, I bought the ever trusty foil pie I should have caught on as I was pouring in the evaporated milk that this is a "soupy" situation, not to be entrusted in foil; but no, I have to learn the hard way...

Thankfully, I'm (and my floor/counter) only wearing a small portion of my pie filling, I was humble enough to admit defeat before complete disaster, and discovered that the foil tin fits snuggly inside my glass pie dish - disaster avoided and I'm doing my best to not cry over spilt pie filling ~ I'll just tell the "world" about it instead :)

The other good news is that I decided to wait to make the 2nd pie until after we saw the finished result of the 1st one (just in case I need backup). Also, the other dessert I'm making I can do in my sleep, so no worries there :yay: So, tonight I'll finish up my mini cheesecakes, and tomorrow morning I'll do the green bean casserole, and then put on some "big pants" and gorge ;)

I am pretty excited as this will be Gracie's 1st Thanksgiving where she gets to actually take part in the spoils (and not just get it 2nd hand through me), it should be fun watching how she responds to all the hub-bub.

On to knitting news, ***hold on, gotta put the foil around the crust ~ ouch!!! why didnt I understand how necessary a pie shield is? A good number of my fingers are now overly toasty from trying to figure out how to get the foil around the crust now that I'm using the stupid pie dish with handles...ugh, at least the mission is nearly accomplished and hopefully my crust wont get too burnt *** I got my latest issue of Creative Knitting in the mail yesterday and there are quite a few new additions to my "to-do" list thanks to their latest publication ;) The good news is I have enough yarn stashed away to get me started on quite a few of them before I need to go say "honey, ..."
I also have most of my Holiday knitting settled, I cant disclose who gets what yet because I have random family members who drop by here, but I may play a little "guess what I finished" and if they want to figure it out that's their problem ;) (I will do a final project break down- after the Holidays - and who got what ~ because I know you care)
I'll try to get some pictures up this weekend, I'm just not motivated right now to take pictures because I'm so darn busy knitting when the toddler's napping...and she is very demanding right now when she is awake (we have already entered tantrum mode and she's only 17 months) I think most of the problem is due to the fact that she doesnt speak (understandable) english yet, so we have a communication barrier.
Well, I'd better get back to one of my various UFO's (I truly have them scattered all about, in very random stages, and my sanity is basically being held together by the index cards each project is assigned (thanks Mel)).

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Hey, jennifer.... Daniel here. I needed to let you know that I have had my DrAvatar accounted deleted. So, if you still have yahoo, please add me on as

I hope you and your family had a happy thanksgiving. Keep well.