Mar 6, 2007

Inching along

Well, I think I've managed to kick the bug before it got me too bad - hooray!!! Grace and Jess still have a bit of a cough but it diminishes daily so hopefully we are out of the woods. I've also decided no playgroup this week to see if we can finally fully kick it.

We did get out today to play with a friend and had a great time...we had too much fun and spent all day there so there was no knitting today (well I may slip a few more inches of border in later). Over the weekend I finished the last section and started the border; yesterday I finished the first whole edge of the blanket border, hopefully I'll find time for a picture tomorrow.

John's hosting poker night here Thursday night so tomorrow will be a cleaning day (but I'm sure to slip a few rows in here and there) - I'm crossing my fingers that the kiddos cooperate so I can get a lot done and not have to stress too much on Thursday. I'm getting so much closer to a daily clean house and I'm working on a Spring resolution to almost always have my house visitor ready on a daily basis - I'm so sick of clutter!

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Ruinwen said...

Glad you are feeling better!

A clean house sounds wonderful.