Mar 1, 2007

Batteries down!

So yesterday was an interesting day - both girls were out of sorts which equals mommy getting no knitting time. We have been fighting off a virus spreading through our playgroup and now hubby must have blended an office virus with what we're carrying and he was down for the count Mon night through Wed and now it looks like I may be losing the battle but I still refuse to surrender. Thankfully Jessica is still hanging tough aside from random congestion.

Today I finally got Grace down for a nap and Jessica is happy in her swing for the moment so I hurried up and laid out G's Log Cabin blanket and had to use the flash since we are having yet another snow day here in the midwest - the snow is "falling" sideways by the way because of the wind.

This is the only shot you get because it is the only shot I got between the battery low indicator coming on and the camera shutting itself off. Oh well, you'll see more of it very soon as I'm nearly done. Yes that little bit of pink signifies the last wedge being worked and all that's left is the border, blocking, and weaving in the ends. And yes, the green looks a bit wonky because it was salvaged from another project and I was too much in a rush to see how it looked to properly reset it, hopefully it will block out after it has been washed.

Nothing much planned for this weekend aside from lots of decongestants, kleenex, movies, and hopefully plenty of knitting and recovery. With a 2 month old I have no way to plan my knitting time, but I do plan to recover as best I can ;)

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Ruinwen said...

Wow. That is pretty enough to frame!

I hope the bug sweeps through quickly and doesn't come back.