Mar 25, 2007

Sickness - be gone from my house!

So we've gotten better and worse over and over throughout this month - I think we went back to playgroup too soon - but the cabin fever would have killed us otherwise anyway. It has been a long winter in Chicagoland for a 2yr old. With the latest bout, only Grace got it, and not nearly as bad as anyone in the playgroup. The girl's got some good genes from her daddy!

The bummer part of Jess getting sick was she was a monster for nearly a week - would not sleep on her own and dont even think about putting her in either her swing or bouncy chair! Thankfully she's better now and back to smiling and talking to her toy bar on both above mentioned diversions. (or I dont think I'd have any hair left)
Since Jess has been attached to me, I dont have much knitterly progress to speak of although I am 3/4 through the 3rd edge of Grace's blankie so that means I'm nearly there! Hooray!!! Hopefully the blackhole of knitting wont find me on this project.
Oh! I've come across a little "extra" money by being a good girl and I think I'm going to sneak in a trip to my LYS to grab some pretty yarn for Argosy, I'm so excited!

I was all excited to join Nona's Pick em tournament so I could hopefully get lots of knitting time in - foolish me, my 2 month old has other ideas so far. However, I am VERY excited to be in first place right now - who'd of thunk for all the red on my bracket? It's also been fun to see how my picks have stacked against my hubby's - he's not so happy right now (thanks to Oregon), so I'm trying not to celebrate too much ;)

in lieu of a knitting pic, I'll share my littlest one who is getting so big so fast:

Ohio State better keep on winning or my mommy will be bummed!

Please? (Actually she was saying cheese) I cant leave the big one out ;)

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Ruinwen said...

The girls are so adorable! :)