Jan 7, 2010

I used a power tool today!
And what is that under the cart?

Why yes, it is our new floor!
John and I finished up the floor last night. I'm very pleased with this floor. It is laminate & we purchased it at HOBO* for .99/sq ft!
John had really wanted to try laminate in the kitchen and I was not thrilled with the ceramic tile laminate he kept showing me at the store where he did the laminate install class, so I was still pushing for a vinyl floating floor. Then we happened to come across this uneven tile laminate at HOBO for an incredible price and now we have a new floor!
The laminate install was very simple. I'm very impressed and would not hesitate to do it again.

Because I seem to be joining everything this year. I'm also participating in K-Love's Love Dare. Day 1 was yesterday and it was a call for patience. The Dare was to not say anything negative to your spouse. Last night's install was one of the most peaceful projects we've ever done and I was the only one holding my tongue...

*Home Owners Bargain Outlet - I think this store is only in our Chicagoland area (I just checked and there are two stores in Wisconsin as well)

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