Jan 4, 2010

I can do this.

On the next to last day of December last year, Julie launched her 2010 project. Pick 12 rooms/areas in your home to work on each month. I was intrigued, but then decided to work on our clutter in general first and I'll get to decorating eventually. Then Theresa popped up too (of course, they are friends) and I really cannot ignore them both because I was already thinking that now all the baby making is done, it's time we make this place more ours.

So here are my 12 rooms/areas (in no particular order - I too will follow the "what do I want to work on this month" order):
  1. Entry
  2. Kitchen
  3. Dining Room
  4. Living Room
  5. Playroom (den)
  6. Kid's Bathroom
  7. Kid's Room
  8. Our Bedroom
  9. Our Bathroom
  10. Laundry
  11. Craft area
  12. Backyard
So January 2010 is the month of Operation Kitchen.

(baby gate up to keep kiddos out until the floor is finished)
We did a lot of work here last August with the cabinet refacing, new counter/sink, and paint. Last night John & I laid most of the new laminate flooring & last week we bought a kitchen cart so I can get everything - except the knife rack & coffee maker - off the counters. The things left are to decide on the shelf going up, I want something new to hold my cooking spoons, spatulas, etc., and perhaps I'll do one seasonal towel a month this year just to perk things up a bit.

I'm really excited about finally making our house a home!


Kerry said...

I am totally stealing this idea! I am hoping if I blog about it, I will feel more accountable and actually get things done. Okay I am off to make my list!

Love the color in your kitchen! are you guys still in the same place? Sounds like you have been doing lots of work! :)

Jen:) said...

Steal away! I'm thinking the blogging it will help me stick to it too ;)

Thanks, yep, still in the same place.