Jan 15, 2010

Oh My Darling....

This little boy LOVES clementines.
He's mostly an orange "vampire" - sucks the juice out of each wedge and then spits the pulpy remains back out. It's not really quite a spit, but more of an ejection. He just opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue and lets the orange fall from his mouth. For added comedy he will often store a wedge in one or both cheeks chipmunk style and then attempt a smile. The orange above by the way is being licked, not ejected. Oranges make him so happy. His whole face will light up and he will either wave both hands at your or clap if you show him one. Jack ate two clementines at lunch today. The one I peeled for him, and then the one Gracie slipped to him wedge by wedge as I was eating my sandwich.

We had a small lapse in posting this week... you cannot tell from the picture above, but this darling boy is seriously working on more teeth - he only has the bottom two thus far. So he is a lovely roller coaster ride of happiest boy ever to cranky pants, to I just need my momma to hold me. So that is what we have been doing (and not much else is getting done).

The girls put together their Barbie puzzle today

Gracie did it a few times and then Jessa took over.

Gracie has a four day weekend so we are trying to fill it with fun. We started with Princess and the Frog yesterday. Today we watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Tomorrow we are hoping to play with cousins and mommy & daddy are going to see Avatar!!! Sunday we are going to watch the Chargers win ;) And Monday we have a playdate with some good friends.

TGIF! (due to random headaches & the teething boy, you may not see me til Monday)
Jen & Co

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