Jun 5, 2005

My Goodness!

Oye! Ok, so first of all, I lied before about getting better...that last post was my last bit of cognizant thought before my brain was completely invaded by mucus - I apologize if that was too graphic, but it's the truth. By the time I was finally released from the mucus prison, my hubby came down with it, and of course it was "the worst thing that ever happened to him", but he is better now too. This was the first cold that managed to attack the whole family. I have been unusually healthy since delivering Grace (I earned it from being soo sick while pregnant), Gracie has been fortified by the Super Powers of nursing, and John simply never gets sick (honestly - even the flu is generally eradicated from his system within 24 hrs). He was so bad that we almost cancelled our trip to Atlanta, and then by the time he got back from work the next day he was greatly improved and the trip was back on - I tell you, if it wasnt such a good thing, I'd be disgusted at how well his immune system works. So he really only had it bad for 3-4 days, and I was out for at least a week...oh, well.

And I do have many pictorial updates, but am not yet properly motivated to sync the camera, so I apologize deeply, and I will get to that soon I promise.

The Atlanta trip was pretty neat, we left at 9pm to theoretically beat the sun (we dont have A/C in the car we took) but then we stopped at a motel at 4 in the morning - maybe it was 3-3:30, i wasnt very there as I really had to use the Ladies room - so we started again from Kentucky at 9am the next morning and we were making great time until the Yahoo directions ditched us in Cartersville (I think) GA, about 1/2 way between the TN border and Atlanta. My DH's Granny lives in a town a few miles West of Atlanta, so we were trying to avoid Atlanta traffic. By the way, I love TN...it looks beautiful! Granted, we didnt get out of the car (until the ride back when we stopped in Lynchburg at (you guessed it) The Jack Daniel's Distillery! Way fun! The funniest part of that adventure is that the distillery is located in a "dry" county, so they can make it, but you cant drink it there. --Ok, back on track, thankfully we had a good Atlas with us, and faked our way down there, and after a few lucky turns made it to Granny's house. We were happy to finally be there, but I was bummed that our shoddy directions made us miss DH's sister's Graduation from H.S. It was real neat to finally meet more of DH's family, it's been a long time coming and I really hope to keep in touch now.

One more thing about the trip back - Kentucky was Beautiful too! We came up the I-65 (I think, I wasnt driving and was distracted by the scenery most the time), and saw the most amazing farms, pastures, hills, flowers, etc...I want to go back! Except, we did get "caught" by the largest scale speed trap I've ever seen (and I'm from San Diego) there were at least 20 patrol cars waiting besides the min 10 that had people pulled over and there was even a guy on the overpass with a radar gun who radioed down the vehicle info - and of all times too, we were in the middle lane, going with the flow - the flow just happened to be going 82 in a 65 zone...

I did bring some of my Warm the World yarn with me so I started my first blankie for them, and thankfully Gracie napped and went down pretty well each night, so I made quite a bit of progress! I also finished my first pair of socks! I did the Curvy Lace pattern from a Creative Knitting back issue (I think March) and I absolutely love them! I wore them all day...of course!

On Friday, I was checking KnitSteph's blog, and found out about the Mystery Stole Along, which seems real neat...now I just have to get the yarn ;) The clues began June 3rd, so anyone interested should still have time to catch up (the 1st clue seems to be a quick knit). By the way, this is a lace project - my 1st big lace project, but the socks gave the the lace bug.

So, no promises of frequent updates this time...I will try, but from here until the 20th we are in full scale moving process - packing now, new keys on the 13th, big stuff goes on 17/18th, scrub down 18/19th, drop old keys in box at office when done. We will come up for air on the 11th for Gracie's 1st Birthday! and I have a baby shower to distract me the next day, but otherwise these were my last gasps of free air (j/k) I'll take a break every now and then...I gotta share those pictures, right?

Happy knitting!

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