Apr 5, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

birthday cake
It's my mom's birthday today!!! I hope you have a wonderful day mom!!! Its been a tough day for me, being that it is the first time I've been away from her on her birthday....I'm not even going to think of how I'm going to get through mine....
We do birthdays big time, my mom, sister, and me. Its not about presents - we've often been in the financial position to just enjoy each other; but I think that is what made our "special day" that much better. The "birthday girl" gets to pick dinner that day, doesnt have to do housework, and everyone else does their part to make the day special (ie. the sisters dont fight). We often wake the birthday girl up by jumping on her bed and singing Happy Birthday - generally earlier than the person usually wakes up so it is what they wake up to. It's a fun and simple day...just reminding us how much we mean to each other. When my sister was at college, we called her at 12:01am to sing her Happy Birthday, she laughed and said she needed that and then went back to bed :)
I think it's a little harder for me because Gracie is missing Grandma's birthday...I know I shouldnt do this to myself...but oh well. The good news is that mom is coming to visit soon. We are going to have Gracie Dedicated at our church May 1st, and mom wanted to come for that since she may not be able to make it for Gracie's birthday party. So I am excited and loosely trying to make plans for what we'll do while she's here :)
I've finally settled on what I'm making her and have cast on the project...yes, it is obviously going to be finished after her birthday, but I was waiting for the Spring/Summer patterns to come out since she lives in CA.
Well, Gracie's calling! Happy Knitting!

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Melanie said...

I have heard from her again, but she hasn't heard from him. I found out my sister (who is friends with him) spoke to Craig through e-mail on Wednesday (I passed that info to mil,) so that adds a few more days since anyone has heard from him. I'm sure things are fine... it's just so easy to go about our days and not worry about it (too much anyway) and then to hear from her and realize that she probably worries about him every waking moment... it's a little hard to stomach and makes me wish I lived in the same town so that I could physically be there for her.
Speaking of being there... I'm sorry that you're away from your mom on her birthdays. Why is it that birthdays are the hardest. I REALLY missed my mom on Zander's & my birthday. How far away are you?
Hope things get better & thanks for the nice post!