Apr 17, 2005

I love bamboo

Ok, so I was just going to be money smart and try to make my alum dpns work, either by using needle protectors or rubberbands to "stop" the other end. But I remembered that I had a coupon for Joann's for 40% off, and since I've come across enough patterns to know that I will be using size US 7 dpns again in the near future...I went ahead, squeezed a few pennies out of the budget, and got them today.

I am in love...they are so nice :) Bamboo is my friend. I didnt have a single problem, the bottom of my French Market Bag is just flowing from my needles - it's already 1/2 done!

So now I have hope of finishing this bag in the near future and my mom's top is 3/4 done, too! Very productive, very nice weekend, my Spring is definately off to a good start (aside from the bloomin' trees). Now to just get the grumpy, teething toddler who is getting into everything back to happy baby land....at least Grandma's coming to town this week!

Happy Knitting!


Kelly D said...

I love Bamboo!! My favorite kind in the world!! Glad u got them! Isnt the 40 percent off coupon great?

Laura said...

Bamboo is nice isn't it. I've also always used alum. I have one set of bamboo double points and I love em. The Brittany Birchwood needles are also really great.