Apr 14, 2005

Same Blog - New Look

Didnt mean to scare you...just changing things around a little on you - keeping you on your toes! >^..^<

I am sooo tired today. Dont know what the deal is; I didnt stay up too late last night. Got a few rows in in Clappy last night and today, so I'm happy about that.

But I have a long way to go to have the place ready for Chris' visit...I think I'm dragging because hubby makes plans without helping me get the place ready. I've broken myself too many times already getting the place ready for Poker Night w/out much assistance (if any) from him...and I think I'm in one of those "non-confrontational funks" I tend to fall in.

BTW, I've been trying to decide if I'm motivated enough to maintain 2 blogs - you know another "life in general" deal - but I think I keep coming down to the realization that knitting is such an integral portion of my life it wouldnt be worth the trouble. That is part of the wonder of knitting anyway isnt it; that while you knit it seems the puzzle of your life begins to fit together. And why SnB groups have been around forever too - you know, hash out the junk in your life while you get to be productive otherwise.

Oh boy, I'm about to start really rambling...I better spare y'all and make my way back to my knitting - and maybe try to get to bed a little earlier tonight.

~Since my BIL is just out of college he wont mind that my house isnt spotless right? I mean I do have a little tornado who follows my path and destroys whatever neatness I can assemble anyways, right? ;o)


leah said...

Love the black! Very easy on the eyes :)

Husband does the same thing. He goes and invites people over to the house then doesn't bother to help get it clean for their arrival (though he fully expects that it get clean *humph*). Occasionally I'll tell him I need his help, but usually I just do it myself. On the bright side, at least I know it's getting done right/well. Oh, and no. I bet your BIL won't even notice your house "isn't spotless." I'd bet a dollar that it's cleaner than any place he's called his own in the last few years.

I did the opposite with my blogs. I started with a life in general one, then branched off to a knitting one so as not to bore the people that read the real life one. Make sense? If I started with the knitting one, I probably wouldn't need the other. Yeah, I think I said that right.

Katie said...

hello Jen,
this is Katie, i loved the photos of you all! very cute site!