Apr 2, 2005

Pictorial Updates

First, here is my lovely Clapotis~
Clapotis Progress

Another view~
A Little More Than 1/2 Way There!

And without further ado....here is the finished Pebble Beach Top~
Well, sorry to keep you in suspense, but flickr is trying to really tick me off and wont show the picture....I'll try with Hello in a minute; so here's a pic of Gracie for your time
Ruffle View of Gracie

Here is the pillow (in progress) I promised my stepmom (I'm finally motivated)~
Pillow For Stepmom (in progress)

And finally, here is the Petals Baby Hat that Melissa (knitting-chick) introduced us to ~
Petals Hat
I had a cool pic of a top view that really showed the flower on top...but flickr isnt cooperating.

So this is what I've been up to since Easter weekend, hope you all had a lovely week! Ours was incredible - 60-70 degrees all week! Welcome Spring!!! It is amazing how good the sun feels once you can finally feel the heat coming down. Gracie and I have been enjoying walks all week...she even got to meet the ducks at the pond (although the cars passing by were a little more interesting to her).

I am soo excited about the summer preview of Interweave Knits!!! I think I'm going to knit just about everything in there! I was about to return some yarn that wasnt living up to my expectations...but I think I've discovered its purpose...now to just get my hands on that issue!

Happy Knitting! ....off to see if Hello will be more cooperative

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Kelly D said...

I love the clappy!!! I cant wait to try one!! Plus that beautiful baby girl, Gracie!!