Apr 16, 2005

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday: Alum DPN Trouble
So, some knitting-chicks and I are doing our own Felted Bag KAL (quickly becoming a whatever bag you want to knit-along ;) for those not wool inclined). Anyway, our "launch date" was yesterday to celebrate tax day; so I go to cast on - I've never done a bag before - and I quickly realized how much of a slippery monster aluminum double pointed needles could be! I couldnt make it past 3 rows...and those three looked pretty darn twisted and ugly... So today, after DH returns to watch kiddo, I'm gonna have to get myself some bamboo dpns, because I wanna do this bag without exploding my brain or going crazy. My only alternative...if I try and fail again...is to see if somehow I could do the pattern "upside down" I've done many a hat now and had no trouble working with alum dpns before; but starting with just a few stitches seems to be different then working down to a few stitches. I dont know, maybe yesterday just wasnt my day.

Today has been awesome, so far! I'm back in touch with my DH's little sister, and I'll spare you the details, but it looks like he's going to be able to reconnect with his mom and sister sooner than we'd ever hoped for! We just got reconnected this week via e-mail and I even got to chat with her early this afternoon! Happy Birthday Katie!!! We will get to see them Memorial Day weekend, and I am so excited and hopeful! It is way too bad when family conflicts explode a family, and life is way to short to let things get in the way of family, so it will be nice to see this family "knit" back together (sorry, couldnt resist).

Well, off to get a few rows in before Gracie wakes up. Happy knitting! And Happy 18th Birtday Katie!!! (again)

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