Jun 6, 2005

Baby Blankie

Here is my current WIP ~ a baby blankie in the "big dishcloth" pattern. This pattern is great for mindless knitting, but not an exciting choice for a quick knit...although now that I am past the grueling increase section, it does seem to be shrinking quite quickly for me.

At least this is distracting me from ordering yarn for the Mystery Stole...I just got off the phone with my LYS, so Gracie needs to wake up so we can dash on over and support my neighbor ;) I am no good at waiting for items to ship.

Catch you again soon! In the meantime, happy knitting :)

1 comment:

leah said...

I'm terrible at baby blankets. I ordered some yarn to make Itty one and plan on trying out the pinwheel pattern. I just get SO bored with them... and i's almost immediate.